Autumn Vacation Go Classical with Kim Jae Hoon

Autumn Vacation made for a lovely unit of musical talent, with Bobby Chung‘s songwriting skills and Gyepy‘s warm and addictive vocals. Now they’ve given their music a new dimension by teaming up with Kim Jae Hoon to create classical arrangements for four of their old songs and three new. The result has been presented on EP 실내악 외출, that got a digital release on June 26th with the CD release set to follow on July 3rd.

One of the first album tracks re-recorded for this EP is “가끔 미치도록 네가 안고 싶어질 때가 있어”. Here it is as performed on All That Music some time ago, with a piano as on the original but without the strings from 실내악 외출:

Via: Hyang Music; Luova Factory

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