Top 6 of SangSang Madang’s 5th Band Incubator Revealed

In 2007 KT&G SangSang Madang launched its first Band Incubator, introducing new bands to a wider public and providing support. During May bands could apply to the fifth Band Incubator and after the top 15 bands gathered to play at SangSang Madang on June 7th, the top 6 has now been announced: Hologram Film, Mods Dive, Nukie, Remnants of the Fallen, Riot Kidz and The Electric Eels. The finals will be held at Sangsang Madang on Monday, July 16th.

Learn more about the bands and watch their introduction and performance videos on the main site.

The bands that did not make it further than top 15 were DABDA, Day of Mourning, Fellas, Mamalady, Pavlov, Que Bosta, Tenderign, Veins and Unside.

Via: KT&G SangSang Silhyun

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