Top Band 2 Episode 3: Triple Tournament Part 3

We continue to offer comments on Top Band 2 episodes, today covering episode 3 of the show which aired on May 19th. KBS offers VOD to anyone with a KBS account (foreigners may sign up too). Daum does not allow video embeds, but if you follow the links below you’ll get to see the full versions of the performances with the bands shown on TV as well as the performance that did not make the cut for the show.

In addition to myself the Top Band 2 commentary panel consists of Lightinthemind of Korean rock is real, Dahee of Dahee’s Plastic Castle, Ranya of K-Underground Sweden and Xtian aka drowningn00b. This week we’re all dissatisfied with the editing and a bit sad to see our rookie favorites loose to other, better known favorites.



With 33 bands down and 66 bands to go, the triple tournaments continue in the third episode of Top Band 2. The second episode ended with a cliffhanger and after a few flashbacks the show quickly proceeds to show which of the three bands move on.

Episode 2 Round 6 (cont. again)

Winner: Pia


Lightinthemind: I’m disappointed. In this round to prefer an established band over those who did a good job but don’t have such a famous name… I feel sorry for No.1 Korean and Fantastic Drugstore. Why are the judges not using their Top Choice for both bands? Aren’t they good enough? Were the judges afraid of Pia fans or what?

Anna: There’s not much to say about this that wasn’t already said last week. All we can do is speculate about motives, but I don’t think anyone’s very surprised by the outcome.

Dahee: Wait, WHAT? Only Pia goes through?? That is bullshit! Utter bullshit! They don’t even use a Top Choice card?? Oh man, I can’t handle this. They must be running out and are trying to save the cards. They show an interview with Kim Kyung Ho where he tries to explain the choice, saying that although Pia disappointed him, they gave them points for their stage presence, etc. But I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he looks distinctly unhappy about this. I’m unhappy too. Pia says that they chose something they’re weaker at for the first round on purpose, so that they could show improvement with the next rounds. Meaning they were very confident in getting through, and why shouldn’t they have been? But I’m pissed off. Don’t get me wrong, I like Pia. I really do. But I think looking at just that performance alone, they really didn’t stand out from the other two bands, and thus this feels very unfair. GAH, poor No. 1 Korean and Fantastic Drugstore. Excuse me while I go weep in the corner.

Xtian: :’( A moment of silence for Fantastic Drugstore and No. 1 Korean, the first true casualties of the selection process. Still love FDS.


Round 1: The Electric Eels vs. Romantic Punch vs. Nemesis

Romantic Punch: “Purple Rain” (Prince cover)

Bonus: “Right Now

Lightinthemind: Really decent cover! You Young Suk even applauded standing and Kim Kyung Ho said after performance that he is fan for now. Even Shin Dae Chul said he is probably a fan too^^  I really liked how they took on Prince’s song. But maybe it was a bit more guitar than vocals?

Anna. The cover was quite different from what I had expected and a lot better too. Their own song still doesn’t work all that well for me though.

Dahee: While I can certainly buy that Romantic Punch did well, I’m not a big fan of how the vocalist chose to sing the cover. Purely for reasons of personal taste, I just can’t get into them. But I do like the singer’s curly ‘do and alien sunglasses. The judges obviously love them.

Ranya: The cover was okay, but I don’t know, the whole “whoo hoo ohh ohh” kind of got to me and annoyed me in the end.


Nemesis: “베르사이유의 장미

Bonus: “7년간의 사랑” (White cover)

Lightinthemind: Kkk… Gominam (flower boy) band… Seems that the judges are surprised to see this band which is rather famous. But they are showing the same song as they did for the audition and this song, like “Right Now” for Romantic Punch, is their visit card. I can’t help but be a fan of this band. Vocals, the performance and just good looks play a great role of course. But only one thing is sad, that I can’t see any ways to progress and willingness to search for something new in oeuvre.

Anna: To me there’s something so wrong about doing this kind of music and not following through with the outfits. I want more theater. More dramatic flair. More romantic European costumes. More men in dresses. But then the few Korean bands that have tried it never really got anywhere, so in a way this does sorta makes sense for Nemesis. They’re doing it so well I can’t help but love it anyway. The cover was good too. I could’ve easily been fooled to think it was one of their original songs.

Dahee: Yeah, I wish they’d worn more outrageous outfits, too. Shin Dae Chul tells Nemesis that they all look like they popped out of the pages of a girls’ romance comic, and then he lets loose the weirdest laugh ever. Lol. I like their performance of the original song, even if we’ve heard it plenty of times from them before. It was very solid.


The Electric Eels: “송곳니

Bonus: “회상” (Sanullim cover)

Lightinthemind: Ah… after such powerful performances from Nemesis and Romantic Punch, The Electric Eels are rather ‘pale’ looking. But still.. there’s something about them which is grabbing and making heads shake and feet stamp following the music. But they can’t compete with the previous bands.

Anna: Aw, they are so cute, but even so how can they compare? This song is one of my favorites of theirs and the performance is good. But coming up after both Romantic Punch and Nemesis? Even though they were one of my favorites ahead of the competition there just wasn’t enough time to adjust after falling for Nemesis again. Their cover was so sweet too. I really, truly hope they’ll find another way to reach an audience after this.

Dahee: Haha, the vocalist is so geeky! They’re cute, but I’m not overly impressed, and neither are the judges, it seems. As if they ever had a chance against the other two bands, really.

Ranya: Aww, I liked them! I really wanted to root for them, but on the inside I know that they don’t stand a chance against someone like Nemesis. I feel like putting them with the two bands above was a bad move. The lead singer is adorable and I see that female bass players are popular this year. I’ll definitely keep listening to them after this since I was completely charmed back when I saw the audition.


Winner: Nemesis


Anna: Judging from what was seen on TV they were definitely the better band. So experienced. So well put together. I couldn’t possibly object to this.

Dahee: I think this is very deserved. The show makes sure to inform us that the contestants can’t hear what the judges are saying, although I wonder whether they can’t catch bits and pieces of the conversation anyway. You Young Suk casts his vote for Nemesis, then, as disagreements start to come up again, says, “It doesn’t matter to me who wins, so the three of you discuss it amongst yourselves.” And then he leans back with a faint look of disgust on his face, lol. So much drama.


You Young Suk’s Top Choice: Romantic Punch


Lightinthemind: What an injustice! All four judges are making the decision only between Romantic Punch and Nemesis! And not even a glance to The Electric Eels!

Dahee: Are we surprised, though? This kind of situation is becoming an obvious pattern on the show. And I can see why they chose to save Romantic Punch.


Round 2: The Koxx vs. HLin vs. Fellas

The Koxx: “Take on me” (A-Ha cover)

Bonus: “술래잡기

Anna: The Koxx go with one of the covers they’re known for playing during shows. I’m quite surprised by how squeaky it sounds though. I’m sure I’ve seen them do this song much better on YouTube before. Judges look like they’re in pain too. Their own song is sounding so much better.

Dahee: Huh. Looks like The Koxx has screwed up. I don’t like what they’ve done with that cover AT ALL. The looks on Kim Do Kyun and Shin Dae Chul’s faces are pretty much the look that is on my face right now. I don’t understand it in the slightest.

Lightinthemind: I know how do they sound both live and in record. I know how they can sound. I know what they like to do with music. But hell… I don’t know what they are doing here and I don’t know what they are doing with that A-Ha song. Their own song is good, but unfortunately I hear disordered sounds from time to time and it is painful for my fan’s heart. I know that Shaun is a DJ, but here there shouldn’t be more synth as it was in original record.

Ranya: I have heard that song sound really good live on youtube, so I have no idea what happened. A small (and a little ashamed) part of me is happy that they are messing up so early in the competition. I’m a huge fan and i love The Koxx, but I just don’t see their point in them being on Top Band.


HLin: “삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지” (Kim Wan Sun cover)

Bonus: “썩은 나무

Anna: Oh no! Why did they have to go up against The Koxx already so soon? And why didn’t we get to see more of them? They didn’t do bad, but with so little on TV the producers could’ve picked some other part to better show their style, preferably their own song even though the cover was nice too.

Dahee: Hlin!! I love and adore them. But oh no, I don’t like what they’ve done with this cover. I’m kind of crushed. The judges look confused, too. But I know they can do so much better than this. Oh, please don’t eliminate them! Please!!

Lightinthemind: Hey! I want more HLin! Who’s that PD to cut performances to show that stupid “in previous episodes” in the beginning and so little of the real music? What will we have in the 10th episode? All the hour dedicated to description of winners? Ah, sorry, I’m again starting to reflect too much when it comes to one of my biases. Yes, HLin can do more than this cover and their strong part isn’t the guitar solo as it was showed on TV, but the beautiful voice and fascinating melody. Really, listen to us, let them stay!

Ranya: Oh this makes me feel a little sad. Hlin was somewhat of a love at first listen and seeing them go up against The Koxx is slightly discouraging. That cover wasn’t a great one. Praying for them…


Fellas : “Ma Boy” (Sistar19 cover)

Bonus: “I’m Not There

Anna: I love that perplexed look on Kim Do Kyun’s face. Still this band is not for me even though I can realize the appeal with their kind of music. I’m liking the cover more than the original song.

Dahee: LMAO at Kim Do Kyun’s startled face. That man is just too cute. I really like Fellas’ performance! It feels fun and atmospheric. What a nice change in pace from the other bands. The judges obviously loved it, too. Ruh-roh, are they going to pull off an upset?

Lightinthemind: Errr… I might be wrong, but wasn’t this kind of music popular at least a decade ago? Don’t know the reason to bring it in now. But the judges seemed interested.

Ranya: People may call it dated, but hoooooly crap do I love this! I even think this was the first time I unironically enjoyed this song. They dressed a little frumpy for this type of music, I would have preferred something more sharper, but this catered to me in so many ways.


Winner: Fellas


Anna: Wow! The first real shocker of this competition. I thought for sure The Koxx would go winning out of the whole thing, but the judges apparently disagree. I wonder whether they were really messing up this time

Dahee: Kim Do Kyun states that The Koxx were disappointing, and the guitars were off. So they choose Fellas, and I think it’s pretty obvious that they deserve it. The Koxx look really shocked and embarrassed.

Lightinthemind: I’m freaked out. Just… why??? Ok, maybe The Koxx were not so good as they could, but hey, judges! What about HLin???

Ranya: I’m just so sad about Hlin. I can’t even muster up sadness about The Koxx even if I love them to bits, I just feel a little sorry for them because of the looks on their faces. On an other note, yay for greasy R&B!


Shin Dae Chul’s Top Choice: The Koxx


Anna: Aha, there they are. Once the audience gets to have their say they may be headed for the very top anyway.

Dahee: Shin Dae Chul is stern with them as he says that they should create good music in future. He wants to give them one more chance to show how good they can be, but this just makes me sad and mad for Hlin. Because Hlin didn’t show their best either, but because the judges know The Koxx better, they know that about them, but not necessarily about Hlin. The famous bands have such an advantage over the other teams. Argh!! Poor Hlin. Excuse me a moment, I think I have something in my eye…

Lightinthemind: Good lesson for The Koxx. Not everything is so simple while climbing up. The mountains are harder and more dangerous when you step higher.

Ranya: I give this an eyeroll and a trademark “ugh”.


Round 3: Chiva Sound vs. Au Revoir Michelle vs. Frida Kahlo

Chiva Sound: “미인” (Shin Joong Hyun cover)

Bonus: “토요일 밤

Anna: It’s not bad, but they’re up against a couple of bands that know this genre a lot better so I’d be surprised to see them move on. The cover is more to my liking than their own song.

Dahee: There were moments in Chiva Sound’s cover that I liked, but in the end, I wasn’t a huge fan.

Lightinthemind: While they had enough fantasy to do the cover which I honestly liked for unexpected changes, they didn’t have enough confidence to do the same with their own compositions.


Au Revoir Michelle: “님은 먼 곳에” (Kim Choo Ja cover)

Bonus: “님의 찬미

Anna: I’m liking this. Although they’re the band to get away with it, it’s not a straightforward cover and they’ve got some real strength to their music. Their vocalist is pulling of a very interesting performance, and the judges seem amused. Their own song works better with me now than during the original audition.

Dahee: I’m not sure what to think about this cover. The trot style of singing throws me off a bit, but at the same time, I can see why they made that choice, considering which song they’re covering. But in terms of adjusting the melody to it, I feel like they didn’t respect the original song and its feel enough? I don’t know.

Lightinthemind: Little by little I started to like them (I realized it when I caught myself digging their music a few days ago).  And for now I really feel like they did a decent cover, with their own style. What is pleasing me – is a harmony between vocals and guitars, which is rare. And of course I put their own song on repeat . (Warning! Dark gothic heart speaking now) Please, give me more of these moody feelings to stare into my soul!


Frida Kahlo: “너무 아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을” (Kim Kwang Seok cover)

Bonus: “수줍은 아웃사이더

Anna: I was so curious to see what they’d be like after all these years. It could’ve been a complete failure or it could be something potentially epic. That cover is better than anything I could’ve hoped for. I’m relieved. Sounds like they’ve still got it, as shown through their original track too even though it’s still not for me.

Dahee: They seem nervous. As someone who is a huuuuuge Kim Gwang Seok fan and a huuuuuge fan of this song, I can’t say I really like what they’ve done with it. But I’m biased, so what do I know?

Lightinthemind: Can’t get into this, suppose it is too old  in style for me.


Winner: ?


Anna: Go figure. This season of Top Band seems to be all about the cliff hangers. The vocalist of Au Revoir Michelle was in the chorus when Kim Do Kyun went on the first episode of I Am A Singer 2 with Baekdoosan.

Dahee: Shin Dae Chul seems to have been really touched by Frida Kahlo’s performance. But You Young Suk and Kim Kyung Ho approach it rationally, saying that objectively, Au Revoir Michelle were better. Once again the judges are torn. Kim Kyung Ho says directly to Shin Dae Chul: “Hyung-nim, just tell me one specific reason. What did you like about them?” And Shin Dae Chul retorts, “They touched me. That’s all.” Kim Kyung Ho says shrewdly, “You were really glad to see them (playing orthodox band music).” It seems Kim Do Kyun understands Shin’s feelings, but objectively can’t agree. Shin pleads for the judges to come over to his side, and Kim Kyung Ho says that this isn’t the situation for that. You Young Suk then tells Shin that he mustn’t feel upset over this, and Shin repeatedly says that he isn’t, and that he’ll stay quiet. But he’s obviously upset.


Round 4: Ynot? vs. Gostwind vs. Clumsy

Ynot?: “Why not?

Bonus: “Give It Away” (Red Hot Chili Peppers cover)

Anna: Oh! I remember that gong! This song is really a bit too noisy for me, especially on album, but they have this incredible charm when playing live so if you’re in the room you can’t help but love them anyway. Not a fan of the cover, though it’s perfectly their style and I’m pretty sure I would’ve loved it if I’d been in the studio.

Dahee: I kind of loved this performance. They’re so energetic and fun. Ouch on what the vocalist did to his finger!

Lightinthemind: Ah, perrrrfect performance and song. I wasn’t expecting anything else. Btw here is a good example of using traditional instruments without hurting the melody and instead totally supporting it. Bravo!


Gostwind: “오나라” (Dae Jang Geum soundtrack)

Bonus: “Legend

Anna: So we didn’t really get to see any of them, which is a shame. I wanted to see Kim Do Kyun’s reaction to their music. Their own song sounds a bit messy at times, but overall I like it. Nice cover too. Some other time, on some other show perhaps.

Dahee: This is so unfair. I can’t believe they showed so little of them on T.V. I was looking forward to seeing what they’d do, too. Anyway, watching them now, I feel like the cover was a little shaky, and the choice of song a little too obvious. Still, it was interesting, and I’m sad that the editors chose to cut them out. This could have been a great chance to promote using Korean traditional instruments in modern music.


Clumsy: “Stand By Me” (Ben E. King cover)

Bonus: “Good Morning

Anna: Very little seen of Clumsy too, unfortunately. I can’t say I’m surprised they didn’t make it considering both the judges and the competition (either would’ve been enough to keep them from going further). I suppose they’re trying to be a bit innovative with the cover, but it’s working against them. Their own song is far more pleasant to the ears.

Dahee: Gah! Poor Clumsy. They join the competition hoping for some publicity, and end up getting edited out of the show. While watching the cover, at first I thought it was just going to be another boring performance, but then they changed things up to make it more upbeat, which caught my interest…but then they never really went anywhere with it. What a shame. They’re cute, and I loved that gleeful little shout in the middle of the cover, but I’m not surprised they didn’t make it.


Winner: Ynot?


Anna: Why do we not get to see all performances? As much as I’d like for things to speed up to know exactly what happens (I haven’t been this addicted to a show since I don’t know when) I still don’t want to miss any of the bands. Few bands can rival Ynot? when they’re playing right in front of you though.

Dahee: No surprise, and it’s even well-deserved. But I’m pissed off at the editors. If you’re trying to make things move faster and thus feel the need to edit performances out, at least edit out the ones of groups that are more well-known. Why punish the ones who are already at a disadvantage? This says a lot about Top Band 2’s mindset.

Lightinthemind: Nothing to add here. I expected Ynot? to win, but still have a strong desire to do something cruel to the editors. If you are making a contest for bands is it fair just to cut them off like pieces not even worth watching?


Round 5: 4Hz vs. The Quip vs. Wiretap In My Ear

4Hz: “내 마음의 주단을 깔고” (Sanullim cover)

Bonus: “죽은나무

Anna: Another round where we don’t really get to see much of the bands.I really want to like 4Hz, but I kept thinking of things they could’ve done better with the cover and I feel like they could’ve done more to show their strengths with their own song as well. Not all that bad, but their performance is kinda shaky.

Dahee: This editing bullshit is making me so grumpy…ANYWAY. I agree that they were a little shaky, and the way they approached that cover was rather boring. What a shame.

Ranya: Starting to get to me too Dahee…


The Quip: “기타로 오토바이를 타자” (Sanullim cover)

Bonus: “Daraeki

Anna: My poor The Quip! They were one of my very favorites ahead of this, but we barely even got to see a second. Such a shame! They were playing it safe first half of the cover, but then came the The Quip that I love. Even though I’m not all that fond of it they did very well with their own song as well. I really, really, really need to see them play for myself.

Dahee: And they’re not showing The Quip’s performance, either?? NO!! Excuse me while I overturn a table. I love The Quip, don’t you dare do this to them! I was so looking forward to seeing them, too. Oh god, this show is killing me. KILLING ME. They did well, too! The cover started off shaky, but by the end I was totally digging it. GUH. I have lost all faith in humanity.


Wiretap In My Ear: “Slave

Bonus: “Muscle Museum” (Muse cover)

Anna: Howcome they showed the original song on the show when using the cover in the trailer? Lee Hyuk is showing crazy eyes, and to me he’s the best thing about their own song. But the cover. That cover! I was so excited when I saw the trailer because it is one of my very favorite Muse songs and Lee Hyuk’s vocals are perfect for it. Unfortunately his pronunciation is not, and the band as a whole needs to put some more energy into it, but even so I can’t help but love it. I want more! More! I want a cover album made by Wiretap In My Ear focusing solely on Muse songs.

Dahee: MAJOR crazy eyes. They did really well. I’m proud of them. And I’m confused as to why the show chose to show so little of them.


Winner: Wiretap In My Ear


Anna: As sad as I am to see The Quip eliminated, and as lacking in innovation as Wiretap In My Ear were this combination of two old fandoms still makes me happy with the outcome. Though I had The Quip down as coming from the part of the Hongdae scene that would rather not be seen on a show like this, I hope they’re not discouraged from trying out again next year.

Dahee: This is another well-deserved outcome, but my heart is broken for The Quip. Sigh…

Lightinthemind: I’m happy for Wiretap In My Ear but totally depressed for the other bands. They really are rather good to listen to, 4Hz even settled in my playlist. If only I could have a Top Choice card….


Round 6: Sad Legend vs. Monni vs. The Humpbacks

Sad Legend: “Eleanor Rigby” (The Beatles cover)

Bonus: “몽상의 시

Anna: The cover is very melodic and not at all as heavy as could be expected of a legendary black metal band. That growling can barely be heard, but I suppose they’re taking it easy for the sake of the TV audience. I’m liking it a lot though. And their own song is more like what I had expected from them.

Dahee: I’m surprised that no one seems to know who Sad Legend are. They’re your sunbae, you kiddos! I wonder why they chose to cover Eleanor Rigby of all songs, and why they chose to remake it in that manner. Bizarre.


Monni: “The Blower’s Daughter” (Damien Rice cover)

Bonus: “그대와 함께

Anna: Aw, Monni! I love “The Blower’s Daughter”! This is such a perfect cover for them. And I love how their drummer sparkles. Their own song was a bit boring, but the cover more than compensates for it.

Dahee: Monni, on the other hand, chose a song that fits very well with their regular sound. Great choice of cover. But I found it a little…boring? Probably because I’ve heard this song covered so many times before, and because they’re not showing anything new. Maybe it’s too early to expect them to start experimenting, but I want them to do something that surprises me.

Ranya: Oh, how I like Monni! Although I never really liked any cover of this song, I can’t help but think that they pulled it off just splendidly and it fit them perfectly.


The Humpbacks: “플라스틱

Bonus: “Debaser” (Pixies cover)

Anna: They did well with both songs, but can’t really compare with either of the other two bands, unfortunately.

Dahee: Kim Kyung Ho criticizes Humpbacks’ lack of change in tempo, saying it felt too straight and narrow. I agree – I found myself losing interest as the song went on, although I felt it started off with promise.

Ranya: Was it just me who thought the cover sounded really off?


Winner: Monni


Anna: Totally expected. Too bad for Sad Legend, but this was never the right forum for them anyway. Another time.

Dahee: Obviously Monni would win. Poor Sad Legend. I’m beginning to sense a pattern of all the established bands moving on while the lesser known ones get eliminated…

Ranya: A pattern I really hope does not stick, but I’m happy for Monni.

Lightinthemind: Of course. Knew it from the beginning, that whoever be their rivals they’d lose. But I really liked the other two bands.


Round 7: Tal Band vs. Black Bag vs. Thizt

Tal Band: “Love Song” (Tesla cover)

Bonus: “Heartbreaker” (Grand Funk Railroad cover)

Anna: They’re cute, but miles behind most of the other bands in this competition. Those vocals could use some work, but the judges all seem to enjoy the performance. The second cover was partially worse, partially better. I don’t think Top Band is the right show for a band like this.

Dahee: Aww, Tal Band is really cute. I’m grinning from ear to ear watching them. Apparently Kim Do Kyun recognizes the vocalist from his younger years when he was playing in a band for American soldiers. After the performance they remark that he has a very high vocal range, enough to rival Kim Kyung Ho’s, lol.


Black Bag: “White One

Bonus: “Feeling Good” (Muse cover)

Anna: They’s doing well, but was it really necessary for the camera man to zoom in on what little can be seen of the bassist’s legs? Or maybe that’s just me, cause now they’re the only thing I see when the entire band is on stage. And wow. I hadn’t realized they’d improved so much in just one year! Another Muse cover, but this one unfortunately taking away most of what I liked about the original instead making it a standard rock number of the type I can’t really enjoy.

Dahee: I like Black Bag’s performance. They sound very confident. Kim Do Kyun asks them how far they got in the first season, and says that he recognized them. Then they say that he wasn’t one of the judges in the studio back then, and You Young Suk accuses him of lying, lol.

Ranya: Overall liking it, they’re very easy to get into.


Thizt: “Go Away” (2NE1 cover)

Bonus: “We Are All The Freedom Oh! Freedom

Anna: I’m alternating between digging this cover and thinking they should’ve done it differently. Their own song sounds better now with the clear sound than it did in the initial video audition. This band should probably grow another year before getting into the competition for real.

Dahee: Ugh, I don’t like this at all. I agree with You Young Suk that there’s nothing unique about them.


Winner: Black Bag


Anna: Not much of a surprise.

Dahee: All the judges except Kim Do Kyun vote for Black Bag, but at the last second Kim Kyung Ho seems to start considering another band. I do think Black Bag deserved the win.


Kim Kyung Ho’s Top Choice: Tal Band


Anna: Dear Kim Kyung Ho, I see where you’re coming from, but really? These men and that woman won’t stand a chance against the many younger contestants. Couldn’t you have saved this one for one of the rookie bands in one of the more unfortunate triple tournament sets?

Dahee: Awww. I had a feeling he’d save them. This decision is so biased, but I can’t be angry at him for it, especially since I was totally falling for their cuteness myself. They’ll make for some fun television, at least.

Lightinthemind: Don’t think they could compete with anybody. So why save them? I understand this decision but I don’t appreciate it.


Round 3 (cont.)

Winner: Au Revoir Michelle


Anna: I’m not really all that surprised, but it couldn’t feel good for Frida Kahlo. The judges are all saying such nice things about Frida Kahlo though, so maybe they’ll be encouraged to bring us something new soon enough anyway.

Dahee: Oh, man. Such a big awww moment right here. Shin Dae Chul really is a softie at heart. Apparently he was on the verge of tears while trying to convince the other judges to choose Frida Kahlo. He tells them that if by any chance there is a Top Choice card left at the end, he wants to use it for them. But right now he can’t, and he’s clearly sorry about that. The vocalist of Frida Kahlo is actually on the verge of tears – not because they’ve been eliminated, I’d say, but because he’s touched by Shin’s words, and because he’s talking about the passion for music and how he respects Sinawe. Gah, they’re totally stabbing me in the heart right now, because I really do like Frida Kahlo. This is so sad.

Lightinthemind: Heartbreaking decision for Shin Dae Chul. But obviously thinking Au Revoir Michelle was better in this round.

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