Cavare Sound Celebrates 15th Anniversary with EP Box Set

Adding to the labels celebrating anniversaries this year, there is Cavare Sound that is now celebrating its 15th anniversary. This is done through a limited box set of six repackaged EPs, originally released between 1998 and 2004 and since long sold out.

The first ever release from Cavare Sound was Oh! Brothers bassist Lee Sung Moon‘s 불만 and it is also the first disc in the set. The others are Bolbbalgan‘s 지루박리믹스쑈! (1998), Eunhee’s Noul‘s Spring (1999), Oh! Brothers’ Hippin’ Hoppin’ Twistin’ (2001), PeppertonesA Preview (2004) and Plastic People‘s Travelling In Blue (2004).

Via: Hyang Music

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