Electric Muse Celebrates 5 Years with Special Compilation

Several labels are having big anniversaries this year and celebrating accordingly. Pastel Music is celebrating 10 years with covers on digital singles, Beatball Records will be celebrating 10 years with a concert in a couple of weeks, and Electric Muse is celebrating 5 years with a compilation released on June 7th. The title is 5th Anniversary Electric Muse and split evenly on two CDs it offers both the best of Electric Muse’s back catalog and a collection of new songs, demos and other previously unreleased material.

The second CD introduces new recordings from Atombook, Kim Mokin, Oysterboys, Plastic People and Sunkyeol; studio live recordings from Telefly and Vidulgi OoyoO; and demos from Dringe Augh and Big Baby Driver. Dringe Augh also had his “Cutter” remixed by Idiotape‘s Sofarider.

After a couple of years of being signed to the label the compilation has Light and Noise release their first song under Electric Muse . Further, members from other Electric Muse bands have contributed songs from new projects. Army vocalist Heo Se Jung and Lee Sang Woo‘s Secret Asian Men are represented and so is Orgeltanz guitarist Miong‘s 2 Story.

The playlist below features live performances, studio lives (though not the same as on the compilation) and label approved audio on YouTube of songs found on the compilation:

Via: Hyang Music

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