Free Download of Jaurim, Aziatix and Idiotape’s #PeepShow

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that Converse’s Three Artists, One Song project was coming to Korea. Jaurim and Idiotape together with Korean American urban hiphop outfit Aziatix were the artists chosen and on May 30th the track #PeepShow is ready to be revealed. The song has been composed by Jaurim and features Kim Yuna‘s characteristic vocals while incorporating Idiotape’s electronic sound as well as some rap from Aziatix.

With the press release came a Q&A sheet where the artists all answered a few questions about the project. Idiotape explained the inspiration behind the track as “imagining what it would look and feel like having Jaurim, Aziatix and Idiotape together on stage” further stating that they “built the structure behind the track and by exploring various genres and instruments”. Jaurim added, “By mixing our different music styles and genres, we in turn hope to inspire young people to unleash their own creativity.”

Get the track from the SoundCloud widget below:

A music video for the track is currently scheduled for release during the third week of June.

Via: DFSB Kollective

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