Acoustic Band Bye, Lupita Release First Album

Jazz pop oriented acoustic band Bye, Lupita debuted with a self-titled EP in the beginning of June 2010. Two years later they are ready to release their first full-length album Voyage, with the CD version out on May 29th and the digital release following on May 30th. The album holds ten new titles, including “version 2” of “밤이 좋아” from last year’s 그 밤 EP.

Two teasers was released ahead of the album and a music video for album lead track “일랑일랑” came out last weekend.

Here is the “일랑일랑” music video:

The first teaser featured a pretty piano melody:


The second teaser was set to a piece of “산책 (Promenade)”:


For more of “Promenade”, here’s a performance from November last year:

Via: Hyang Music; maniadb

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