Broken Valentine Revive Old Songs for First Album

Alternative rock band Broken Valentine have been around under various names for ten years already, but it was not until May this year that they released their first full-length album, Shade. The digital edition was released on May 10th whereas the CD release was postponed until May 14th.

The album includes new versions of “Answer Me” and “M.K Dance” from 2009 mini album Calling You as well as “What You Need” and “Life” from 2007 mini album Answer Me!! Is This What You Need??. Also included is “Down”, released in a re-mastered version as single with a music video a couple of weeks ago, and “Noname”, that was included on the original Down single.

A music video for “Noname” was released end of last year:


Broken Valentine performed “What You Need” on the first season of Top Band where they was coached by No Brain. They became one of 16 final bands on the show before getting eliminated when put up against Toxic, that proceeded to win the entire show.


The album opens with “Royal Straight Flush” which appears to be a song Broken Valentine also like to open shows with:


Here are recent performances of “M.K Dance” and “Answer Me”:



And here’s a recent performance of “Life”:

Via: Hyang Music; maniadb

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