Former Top Band Contestants Ravie Nuage Release EP

Formed two years ago, Ravie Nuage released their first EP 하비누아主義 on May 10th. Offering light and sweet music with a twist they call their music ‘acoustic art rock’. Ravie Nuage went on the first season of Top Band and coached by Shin Dae Chul became one of the final 16 bands on the first season before getting eliminated when facing J Power.

An album teaser came out ahead of the release:


Though the EP is new Ravie Nuage have been performing all the songs frequently over the last year.

1. “기억의 초원”


2. “새벽 두 시”


3. “바람, 바람 (Wish, Wind)”


4. “운동화”


5. “뽐므에게”


6. “안녕”

Via: Hyang Music

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