Noeazy Release Split Album with Gates of Hopeless

On May 3rd metalcore band Noeazy released a split album together with like minded Japanese band Gates of Hopeless. The tracklist counts eight songs total as each band has contributed four previously un-released songs. The album lead track is Noeazy’s “Shadow” for which Jeong Woo Ram has made the music video:


While not previously released, Noeazy were performing the new songs already last year. Here are select videos from Noeazy’s YouTube channel:

2. “Rome”


3. “The Grand Eager”


4. “Black Blossom”


For more on Noeazy, don’t miss this article from ahead of the release of Noeazy’s first full-length album in 2010. If you prefer to read what the band members themselves have to say, here’s an extract from the interview on which the article was based.

Via: Hyang Music

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