I Am A Singer Indie Daydream, Part 6: Reader’s Choice Vote

나는 가수다

Now that we’re seen what the panelists had to say, it’s time to debut who you, the readers, want to see representing the Korean indie scene on “I Am a Singer”, following Jaurim’s winning performances on the show!

But first, I have to provide a disclaimer about the results below. Due to a limited response to our call for your suggestions, we ended up with a large tie for your Reader’s Choice Vote. Consequently, I’m going to weigh in the panelists picks as well, although greater weight will be given to your suggestions. Finally, the result still led to multiple ties, meaning that we will debut nine artists for the Reader Choice Vote.

Indie Daydream Reader’s Choice Vote

Once we debut the nine artists, we’ll open the comments section to this post for your voting. Please choose your top three of the nine artists and write them in the comments section of this post by midnight of 25 January, Pacific Standard Time. We will then count the votes and determine the top seven artists in order of most votes and also reveal the two artists who were eliminated from our “I Am a Singer” Indie Daydream. For a refresher on the listed artists, check out our panelists’ picks for our thoughts and a video of their performances.

Your Reader’s Choice Suggestions

With no further ado, here are the singers and bands suggested for the Reader’s Choice Vote, in alphabetical order (Latin script):

  • 3rd Line Butterfly
  • Cherry Filter
  • Han Heejung
  • Huckleberry Finn
  • Kim Sarang
  • MOT
  • Nell
  • Thomas Cook
  • Yi Sung Yol

Okay, everyone! You have until 25 January, midnight Pacific Standard Time to vote for your top three in the comments. (Panelists will also be permitted to vote here too, for their top three.) We will debut the final results on 27 January!

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