I Am A Singer Indie Daydream, Part 2: Widhi’s Picks

나는 가수다

Providing her top five picks first for “I Am a Singer” Indie Daydream series is Widhi, guest contributor both on Indieful ROK and with the Indieful ROK Spot on Indie Afternoon. She also has a blog at widhiarini.blogspot.com.

Having the opportunity to be the first picking the list was not very easy for me when I realized that my favorite indie musicians mostly debuted after 2004. However, I managed to come up with those who also became my favorite in the past years.

Pick #1: 3rd Line Butterfly

I discovered 3rd Line Butterfly for the first time after I watched their live show when I met Anna for the first time in Korea back in 2009. Almost instantly, I fell in love with the band. The husky voice of the vocalist became the main reason why I took interest at first. However, as I learned more about the band, I found that I like their musical style as well. Somehow, the vocalist voice reminds me of Juckwoo these days.

Pick #2: Jo Wonsun (조원선)

This was the first song that I knew of hers back in 2009 and actually it was later on that I found out that she was the vocalist of Roller Coaster. Her strong and unique voice along with her somehow witty style in the video took me by surprise when I found out about her.

Pick #3: Thomas Cook

Thankfully, I knew about My Aunt Mary first before I knew him as the main vocalist of the trio back in 2008. I really like his soft and clear voice.

Pick #4: Yi Sung Yol (이승열)

I found him quite later than the others from a friend of mine who is a very big fan. I really like his deep and husky voice. As for the musical style, maybe he is not really my type. However, this song was my favorite among all of his song. I found that he has quite a similar tone with Lee Juck, which a little bit confusing somehow.

Pick #5: Nell

I have to say I am a very BIG fan of Nell. I am also a very big fan of Kim Jongwan’s whispering type of voice. With a somehow similar feeling like when you listen to Lee Sora, Kim Jongwan will leave a very strong impression every time people listen to his voice.

Honorable Mentions

Dear Cloud

Nine’s husky and deep voice is the main reason, but too bad that they debuted after 2004, which made them disqualified for the picks.


Another band with a strong female vocal disqualified for the same reason as above. I somehow feel that the vocalist has the same vibe as Kim Yuna of Jaurim.

Agree with a pick? Feel like we’re missing somebody? Leave a comment on our Reader’s Choice page with your top three indie choices for “I Am a Singer”!

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