I Am A Singer Indie Daydream, Part 7: Reader’s Choice Results and Conclusion

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And we’re back with the results of Indieful ROK’s “I Am a Singer” Indie Daydream Reader’s Choice Poll!

On “I Am a Singer”, the audience of five hundred normally votes for their three favorite performances of the night. On Indieful ROK, our humble audience of seven voted for their three favorite indie artists they wanted to see take the “I Am a Singer” stage.

Due to the low voter turnout, the results ended up with many ties in the rankings, but there was a clear first place winner among the bunch, although only by one vote.

For our final commentary, Anna has joined me in looking at the results.

The Results

Without further ado, here are the results of your Reader’s Choice Poll for “I Am a Singer” Indie Daydream:

1st Place
Huckleberry Finn

rd: I was actually a little surprised that Huckleberry Finn took a decisive lead. While Lee Soyoung’s husky voice might not work on the show if Juckwoo is still there, but Lee has an intense ferocity that I feel would work well on the show. I am a little concerned that the group might fall into a stylistic rut, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped Kim Kyungho or Yoon Minsoo.

Anna: Although I didn’t vote for them myself, I’m very pleased to see Huckleberry Finn in this position. Lee Soyoung could show Juckwoo what to really do with a husky voice.

2nd Place
3rd Line Butterfly

rd: Wow! The other husky voiced once-singer of Huckleberry Finn is the second choice! I think this suggests that the IROK audience is really looking forwards to a powerful female vocalist on the show. Personally, I think 3rd Line Butterfly’s broader range of sound will enable them to handle the challenge of covers well, although I’ve yet to hear any covers from the band. Furthermore, they have a wilder musical identity, so they might be able to impress the audience with it.

Anna: While I personally would prefer to see Nahm Sang Ah alone, 3rd Line Butterfly is another good call. The latest EP was quite varied in style, so I think like rd that their range would prove a strength.

3rd Place
Cherry Filter & MOT (Tie)

rd: Our first tie of the evening has two very different bands. I think Cherry Filter will be able to fill a similar role that Kim Kyungho is filling on the show right now since their music does tend towards metal, but from their cover album and their more pop-oriented songs, I think they’ll have more breadth than Kim and it would be interesting to see if that’s the case. As for MOT, they might face the same difficulty of sounding too much the same every round. Now, I personally love their sound, but their style is so quiet and introspective that it might not win over the audience, which seems to prefer high drama and bombast.

Anna: Ah yes, the Kim Kyungho comparison is actually quite fitting for Cherry Filter even though I’ve always related them more to Jaurim myself. They should be able to offer a lot more variety than any of the artists currently on the show. And for Mot, I absolutely love them and their covers and would be very, very happy to see them on the show, but they do the very best when sticking to their core sound. Still, it’d be very interesting to see how they’d bre received by the audience.

5th Place
Yi Sung Yol (이승열)

rd: Yi Sung Yol is the only soloist to get more than one vote, but his rich voice and singing style should do well on the show. His sound is also a bit more mainstream so it will be more accessible to the audience, but distinct enough that it will be a unique addition to the show.

Anna: Besides Cherry Filter I’d think Yi Sung Yol would be the most realistic alternative out of those suggested. I haven’t quite managed to get into his solo stuff, but I did enjoy U&Me Blue a great deal before. I’ll keep hoping he’ll not only get on the show, but also stay there for the reasons already mentioned by rd.

6th Place
Nell, Han Heejung (한희정), Thomas Cook, & Kim Sarang (김사랑) (Tie)

rd: Every single artist on the poll got at least one vote, resulting in a four way tie for sixth place. No one gets eliminated! (Or perhaps they all do??) I’m actually most surprised that Nell didn’t secure first place since they were perhaps the most popular of the suggestions and the panelists’ picks, but sometimes the voting audience doesn’t feel the same and Nell might have just had a weaker night.


And that concludes Indieful ROK’s “I Am a Singer” Indie Daydream. We thank Widhi and The Korean for providing us their picks and everyone who participated in suggesting and voting for artists for our Reader’s Choice Poll.

At IROK, we will continue the lookout for indie activity on “I Am a Singer” and might bring back the series if someone from the scene appears to represent on the show. We definitely hope that perhaps one of the above voted upon bands or solo artists might be one to make it on the show.

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2 Comments I Am A Singer Indie Daydream, Part 7: Reader’s Choice Results and Conclusion

  1. The Girl

    Personally i would be interested in seeing Yoon Sang on the show, although I suppose it won’t be feasible until his commitment to 위대한 탄생 ends. I feel he inhabits a space in-between the indie and Korean popular music worlds, making forays to both. His indie cred comes from his electronica work (e.g. mo:tet). So he would be an interesting addition if he was willing to let his more experimental side come out in “I Am a Singer.”


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