No Brain Sing Lee Mi Ja Cover on Immortal Song 2

On last weekend’s episode of Immortal Song 2 No Brain could be found competing in the show for the second time. The theme of the week was songwriter Park Choon Seok, active during 40 years before passing away in March 2010. No Brain performed a trot/ska rendition of Lee Mi Ja‘s “섬마을 선생님” and received a remarkably good response from the audience, yet when put up against Im Tae Kyung and SHINee‘s Taemin No Brain did not have the numbers on their side.

A digital only compilation with the songs from the show with the title <불후의 명곡2 – 전설을 노래하다> – 작곡가 박춘석편 was released the same day as the program aired, March 3rd. No Brain will also participate in part two of Immortal Song’s Kim Gun Mo special, to be aired next weekend.

Here is No Brain’s performance from the show:


Here is a video from 1971 of Lee Mi Ja singing part of the song:

Sources: Korean rock is real; Bugs Music; Immortal Song 2

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