I Am A Singer Indie Daydream, Part 1: Intro, Rules, and Reader’s Choice Suggestions

나는 가수다

Hello everyone! refresh_daemon here! It was a lot of fun watching indie representative Jaurim on “I Am a Singer” and while we might be done recapping the show for now, in the absence of indie presence on the show now, we thought it would be fun to put forward our suggestions for which indie artist or band we’d like to see on the show next. Joined again by Widhi, The Korean, and Anna, in the coming installments, each commentator will provide five indie artists or bands they would like to see on the show and explain why they made their selections.

But that’s not all!

Reader’s Choice Poll!

We’d like to hear from you too!

During this series, we will ask you to submit your top choices from the indie world and tally your votes for a reader’s choice vote, where the top seven indie singers or bands voted on will compete to see who you want to represent the Korean indie scene next on “I Am a Singer”. Once the voting is complete, we will debut the rankings for the top seven artists, just like the show!

All you need to do to participate in the poll is to leave a comment on this post with your top three choices (order doesn’t matter). The initial vote will close on the 22nd of January, midnight Pacific Standard Time and we will debut the seven Reader’s Choice singers and bands on the 23rd for your vote.

Ground Rules

Since this is for “I Am a Singer”, we are going to establish some limits to who is eligible for our picks based on the precedents set by the show. The commentators should keep these basic rules in mind when selecting their artists for the show. Likewise, for your votes and suggestions, you should also keep these rules in mind.

Click behind the jump to see the rules:

Rule #1: Indie or Underground Only

Since this is a list of indie performers we’d like to see on the show, we will only select from indie or underground artists, although we are being a little flexible on what we consider indie/underground. Likewise, we will be open to performers from all genres, provided that they are indie or underground, so rappers, rockers, electronica singers, folk singers, etc. are all permitted.


  • Tablo (signed with YGE) is not a valid choice.
  • Lucid Fall (signed with Antenna Music) is a valid choice.

Rule #2: No Currently Popular Acts

“I Am a Singer” has focused on artists and performers who are not currently enjoying a great amount of mainstream popularity, so our choices must exclude massively popular acts. The singers or bands may have once been popular in the past and we are being a little flexible with what we consider popular. Since this is indie/underground we’re talking about, few singers and bands will fail this test.


  • 10cm (currently popular in mainstream) is not a valid choice.
  • Itta (not known in mainstream) is a valid choice.

Rule #3: Must Have Debuted No Later than 2004

Every contestant on “I Am a Singer” has debuted by 2004 with some legends, like Insooni, having debuted in the 1970’s. Juckwoo and Tei, having debuted in 2004, currently hold the shortest careers on the show. Since “I Am a Singer” celebrates veteran performers, we will stick with indie artists who have had careers of at least the same length.

A finer point: The performer in question may have been part of a group that debuted before 2004 and only later went solo. Also, a singer must have debuted as a vocalist by 2004 and does not qualify if they debuted as an instrumentalist in a band and only began singing lead vocals after 2004.


  • The Koxx are not a valid choice because neither the band nor their vocalist debuted by 2004.
  • Alex (of Clazziquai Project) is a valid choice, because he debuted as a singer in Clazziquai in 2001 before his first solo album in 2008.
  • Sorri is not a valid choice because, even thought she debuted with 99 before 2004, she did not debut as a vocalist until her solo work in 2006.

Rule #4: There Can Only Be One Vocalist

This is a subtle rule, but both bands on “I Am a Singer”, YB and Jaurim featured only one main vocalist. Likewise, both Jungyup and Yoon Minsoo appeared as solo artists and not part of their more famous vocal groups, Brown Eyed Soul and Vibe. Therefore groups that feature multiple lead vocalists are not permitted, although the individual vocalists are permitted as solo artists, even if they have not had notable solo careers yet.

Note: It is okay if another band member occasionally gets a song that they sing lead on (as Lee Sungyu did for Jaurim now and again), as long as there is distinctly one vocalist you could call the main vocalist for the group.


  • Deli Spice is not a valid choice, because both Yoon Junho and Sweetpea were band vocalists.
  • However, Sweetpea is a valid choice, because he is a solo artist that sang for the band.
  • Nell is also a valid choice as Kim Jongwan is the only main vocalist for the band.

Rule #5: Bands Qualify with Their Vocalist

Because “I Am a Singer” is about singing, the vocalist is the main qualifier. If a singer was previously part of a band, but is no longer part of the band, they must be picked as a solo singer, instead of with their past band: Im Jaebum (formerly of Sinawe) and Park Wangyu (formerly of Boohwal) are examples from the show. Likewise, if an older band has a current singer that debuted with the band after 2004, the band is not eligible.


  • Han Heejung is a valid choice, but not as part of The The Band as the band has a new vocalist and Han Heejung is operating solo now.
  • The The Band is also not eligible because their current vocalist, Lee Hyejoo was only the main vocalist of the band since 2008, even though she debuted in 2003 with the group Mary M.
  • However, Lee Hyejoo as a solo artist is eligible since she has been performing as a vocalist since 2003.

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5 Comments I Am A Singer Indie Daydream, Part 1: Intro, Rules, and Reader’s Choice Suggestions

  1. Dahee Fanel

    Oh, this is fun! But also very hard. =

    Would Yoon Mirae/T count? No? I also thought about Peterpan Complex, but they debuted in 2003, no? So a little late for my tastes…I also considered 3rd Line Butterfly just because I love them, but I wonder whether their vocal stylings would go over well with the I Am A Singer audience.

    For the longest time I felt torn between Crying Nut, Huckleberry Finn and Nell…Can’t choose just one! But I did anyway.

    Anyway, my choices:

    1. Kim Sarang
    2. Cherry Filter

    And just because I think the show needs more prominent female vocalists, especially those who are part of bands…

    3. Huckleberry Finn

  2. young

    my 3 picks is

    1. Nell(JW)
    well i don’t think i need to explain why nell would be great for this show

    2. Mot(eAeon)
    his voice is some what like JW from Nell and music is more depressing the Nell or 한희정 so no fun/enjoyable performance like 자우림 but very emotional and sad performance that can touch peoples heart.

    3. 준다이(lazybones/copy machine)
    Well before i am a singer was made there was a show called 쇼바이벌 in 2007 where it was like i am a singer but with rookies/new band/etc where on last 3 month of the show copy machine came on as newly formed band mostly from band member from lazybones and when they come out to 쇼바이벌 i was blown away how good they were. they only had 5 performance before the show got cancel but that 5 prove how good they are as no.1 ska punk in Korea. There performance is fun and very enjoyable so every one well be dancing and enjoying the show.

    and 4 musicians i would pick that not valid but would love to see in I am a singer are

    1. Casker
    Well Casker is one of my fav electronic band and love 융진’s voice but 융진’s debut was 2005 missing the mark by 1year. I think Casker is great cause they well bring more different style of music/genres

    2. YounHa
    Well not really indie but here music style is some what indie as her music is very heavily influence by rock as her main genre is piano rock and her music style with her voice is too lovely and also she is my dream girl ^^. oh and she did debut in 2004 in japan where she start out as indie in japan

    3. ashgray
    Well there vocal debut in 2006 with the band but the band guitarist 노민혁 was a former member of a idol group Click B where he left the group in 2002 and he started music all the way from the bottom in clubs, outside, and etc for almost 10years so even thou he was a idol he is a proper indie musician. also in the early stage of the show there was some rumors of ashgray was offer to be in the show by the pd’s but the band refuse so if true then they are that good.

    debut in 2008 so 4 year to early but I love his voice and music as its calm and his singing style makes it easy to listen and understand the lyrics which is every important factor on the show.


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