J.ae with Mad Soul Child, WinterPlay, Alex

제이 (J) 7집 - SuperStar
Kpop singstress J.ae (or simply J, as she used to be known) released her seventh full length album, SuperStar, online today July 4 with a CD release following on July 8. Much like for her Sentimental release in 2010 she’s been working together with electro/house act Mad Soul Child that this time has been involved in the making of songs Love Part. 2, 사랑한다는 말, and Dream. 사랑한다는 말 see’s Clazziquai‘s Alex featured whereas Winterplay trumpeter Juhan Lee is featured on a song called 넌 나의 태양. Also having worked on the album is Big Bang (방승철), who provided the lyrics to a song called 행복한 사람.

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