Link roundup, week 6

Some links I never got around to sharing during the week:

Janet has done another couple of overviews over at make-shift cartology:
group overview: Deafening Street [데프닝 스트리트 ]
group overview: Pink Elephant [핑크 엘리펀트]

Luminosity -  Blog for Underrateds
On the same theme, a new profile has been posted over at Luminosity, introducing the members of rock band Kite:
[Profile] Kite

제이( - Sentimental
Thanks to The Grand Narrative, this week I realized not only that J goes by nowadays, but also that No.5 from her most recent release, Sentimental (out February 3), has been written by Humming Urban Stereo mastermind Lee Jeereen. Apparently it’s been rejected by TV stations because of indirect advertisement: Korean Sociological Image #32: Censorship & Indirect Advertising. Looking up the release at Bugs I found that electro/house act Mad Soul Child had not only made a song called Angel’s Disguise for the special album, but also produced the whole release together with

어른아이 2집 - Dandelion
Just like I did, refresh_daemon filled the void left by Bluedawn with adultchild. Although while I much prefer their debut effort, he doesn’t seem to mind their second album that much:
Inbox: 어른아이 – Dandelion

And though I’m not sure why, after learning their name via the Happy Robot blog last week I suddenly can’t go a day without seeing 10cm mentioned somewhere. Check them out on YouTube:
10cm – 오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요
10cm – 아메리카노
10cm – 눈이 오네

7 Comments Link roundup, week 6

  1. janet

    I liked Kite and 10cm as well, and in Americano, does he say ‘bagel chuseyo?’/’give me a bagel’? lol

    I LOVE’s video for No.5, the textures drive me crazy~~

  2. wassereis

    @Janet haha, I think he says 빼고 주세요 what means ‘to leave away/without’ and before he sings first ‘syrup’ (don’t know where it is else, but in korea they put syrup into their coffees) and the second time he sings 설탕, ‘sugar’ :) he wants his coffee without sugar or syrup (that’s what I understand)


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