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There’s been a lot of news pertaining to Clazziquai, and member Alex in particular, lately.

CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT - Mucho Mix클래지콰이 (Clazziquai) 4.5집 - Mucho Beat
Starting with Clazziquai Project, the Japanese mix album Mucho Mix announced in September got its release on October 28 as expected. On November 26, the Korean counterpart Mucho Beat got a release and the kpop blogs have been all over new track since.

Comparing tracklists we find that the Japanese album exclusive track is a new version of Mucho Music track Lazy Sunday Morning where featuring vocalist audition winner Joanna is featured. The Flea remix winner appears to be somebody called Jojal, and that remix is available on both albums. For Korean album exclusive tracks, we find the previously mentioned 핑, lalala, and the original version of 집착 (Affection), for which a 4Step 4Ward mix had been included on both albums.

Winter Line #1 - 홀로크리스마스, 하얀겨울
Moving on to Alex, he participated on a digital single called Winter Line, released November 25. Together with As One and Bizniz he sang on a track called 하얀 겨울.
– Jazzholic has a pretty good piece on the release: Winter Line is on its way.
– UrAsianSource has the video: [MV 1/2 HD]Alex (알렉스) & As One (애즈원) feat Bizniz – 하얀 겨울 (White Winter)

Although until now I’ve only been skimming through Jazzholic’s posts (as I do with most of the other kpop blogs, as a way to keep up without putting in too much effort..), I realize now that Jazzholic is probably the blog with the best English language Alex coverage right now. If you’re a fan and haven’t done so already, you’ll probably want to read this about Alex’s recent appearance on SBS talk show Strong Heart (강심장) and his part in upcoming MBC drama Pasta (파스타):
“Strong Heart” & Drama Prep (29/11)
Fake Alex? (3/12)
“Pasta” first script reading (3/12)

나디아(Nadia) - Twinkling Boy나디아(Nadia) - 마비
Oh, and on a side note I recall reading somewhere that new S.M. Entertainment distributed act Nadia resembles Clazziquai a bit. Or at least that their take on Kara‘s 미스터 does so. Judge for yourself – Listen to the studio version, or check out the video. A seven track single called Twinkling Boy was relesed November 18 and and it was followed by a two track single called 마비 on December 2. Myung In Hee, the female half of the duo, used to be a part of TheThe Band, just like Park Hye Kyung and Han Hee Jung too were once upon a time.

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  1. helikoppter

    I had actually not seen that one before looking for the video for this post, but I can see why people talk about it :p

    Just realized I had the wrong link up for the studio version of Mister..

  2. wassereis

    I also like the Nadia version far more, it doesn’t has this “hey ahjussi ♥” feeling :|
    didn’t know that there was a studio version for this.

    and, I love how your post compared to others says the right stuff and doesn’t stirr up any confusion ㅠㅠ thanks~


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