New releases week 24

There’s a number of interesting releases dropping this week. A couple have already been mentioned, but the next few days offer plenty more:

June 14:
10센치 (10cm) - The First Ep
Super popular acoustic duo 10cm have seen their self-released debut The First EP sell out. Now it’s gotten a proper pressing with distribution courtesy of Mirrorball Music.

Four member strong acoustic band Party Street are just about to make a CD debut with the release of EP 그대안에서 헤엄치다. YouTube offers opportunities to sample a couple of the songs on it: 비가 오는 날에는 & 그녀를 잡아요.

박아셀 1집 - 다시 그 길 위를 지나 (Gina) - Ginagram Vol. 3 서로 (Soro) - New Vintage
Singer/songwriter Asher is about to release his first full length album, 다시 그 길 위를. It appears to be a very well produced effort from Team Kabeto and includes a duet called 숲으로 걷는 아이 with kpop artist Park Ji Yoon. Don’t miss album trailer I and album trailer II.

Jazz pianist Gina is about to make a return with her third album, Ginagram vol.3. Usually in the habit of experimenting with various genres it appears this new album is geared mostly towards acid jazz.

Soro, leader of electronica act House Rulez is about to release his first solo album, New Vintage. The music video for album track Sentimental♥ has already been out for a month.

June 15:
칵스 (The Koxx) 1집 - ACCESS OK텔레플라이 (Telefly) 1집 - Ultimate Psychedelic
Electrorock band The KOXX are just about to release first full length album Access OK. A digital single with a single edit of Jump To The Light came out on June 2 and accompanies the album teaser video.

Psychedelic blues rock band Telefly debuted with a self-released album called Ultimate Psychedelic about a year ago. Now signed to Electric Muse a new album with the same name is coming where the old tracks have gotten a new finish and more songs have been added. Listen to My Blues, Butterfly, and God of Disco through Electric Muse’s SoundCloud.

June 16:
디어 클라우드 (Dear Cloud) 3집 - Bright Lights 타루 (Taru) 2집 - 100 Percent Reality
Female fronted soft rock band Dear Cloud will soon return with third full length album Bright Lights. The intro track You’re Never Gonna Know from last year’s EP is a title that reappears on the new album. Check out the Bright Light concert teaser for some new sounds.

After a number of digital singles pop songstress Taru is about to return with her second full length album, full of new titles. Three out of the ten tracks are various versions of 여기서 끝내자, the first one sung together with Zitten and there is also a band and a solo version – Pastel Music offers a brief sample of the duet. Check out the album teaser here.

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