New releases, week 26

Some new music out this week:

June 27:
바이루피타 (Bye, Lupita) - 그 밤
Acoustic jazz band Bye, Lupita released a self-titled EP in June last year and followed it this year with a new EP called 그 밤. For this release the band has also incorporated a bit of bossa rhythms. Check out the band’s 그 밤 trailer here, where a bit of 그 밤, 별은 부서져 can be heard.

June 28:
비갠후 - Bridge 2.5카피 머신 (Copy Machine) 2집 - Merry Go Round
After releasing a solo album in memory of Gary Moore, Yoo Byeong Ryeol is back with his rock band Began Who. The new EP, Bridge 2.5, follows second full length album The City Life, released in 2009.

Ska punk band Copy Machine is back with second full length album Merry Go Round. In addition to a whole bunch of other happy sounding titles, the album comes with Rodeo off last year’s single with the same title as bonus track.

June 30:
애쉬그레이 (Ashgray) 1집 - Ashgray
As already mentioned, rock band AshGray will soon release it’s first official full length album. The title is AshGray and Hyang Music offers brief samples for three of the tracks, including the one featuring Joa Band‘s Jo Jun Ho.

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