Jaurim’s Kim Yuna and Nell’s Kim Jong Wan Sing with G-Dragon

After exciting all of his fans with the music video for “That XX (그 XX)” a couple of weeks ago, Big Bang‘s G-Dragon has now released the highly anticipated mini album One of a Kind. Among the artists featured on the release is Jaurim‘s Kim Yuna, lending her vocals to “Missing You”, and Nell‘s Kim Jong Wan singing to “Today”. The mini album became available on digital music sites last Saturday, September 15th, and the two CD editions came out today, September 18th.

While waiting for the  release G-Dragon offered a live countdown, now available on YouTube with English subtitles, where he played some of the songs on the album with some fellow YG artists in the room. In the video below, “Missing You” can be heard starting from 19:05 after which G-Dragon declares that he was always a big fan of Kim Yuna. Before playing a piece of “Today”, starting at  26:02, Tablo explains that Kim Jong Wan doesn’t usually do features but he liked the suggestion and accepted it right away.


G-Dragon also talked about “Missing You” and working with Kim Yuna in a special video last week (thanks for the tip, Jenny!), where he declares the song to be one of the most public-friendly songs on the album:


During the weekend G-Dragon released a colorful video for mini album lead track “Crayon (크레용)”:


And here’s the music video for “That XX (그 XX)”:

Via: @Youngmilolo, Bugs Music, Hyang Music

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