YBY’s Story of YDH

유병열 - Remember Of Gary Moore 유병열 - 유병열's Story of 윤도현
YBY, or Yoo Byeong Ryeol as his full name reads, was a guitarist in Yoon Do Hyun Band in the late nineties and after that he proceeded as a member of Began Who. In November last year he solo debuted with the release of YBY 1st Mini Album, and on March 16 he made a return with digital single Remember Of Gary Moore.

On the digital single YBY is playing Remember in dedication to the late virtuoso guitarist Gary Moore together with fellow guitarists Choi Hee Sun, Boohwal‘s Kim Tae Won, and Yoon Do Hyun.

The single proceeds another mini album called 유병열‘s Story of 윤도현 that will be released on CD March 29. In addition to the single track the mini album sees YDH himself participate also on main album track 가슴이다. Main Street guitarist Lee Jong Hyun joins YBY on another track called Punk Kid.

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