Mini-Interview with Telefly

Telefly (텔레플라이)
Starting some time last year, I came to see the name Telefly floating around with increasing frequency. Although I never got a chance to catch them live myself, I heard they would usually do an outstanding job on stage. Last week the band released it’s first full length album on Electric Muse, and thanks to Electric Muse’s Kim Mingyu I got a chance to pose some questions to the band.

What is Telefly?
The name “Telefly” is a made-up word combining ‘television’ and ‘butterfly.’ It means the butterfly flying around all forms of media. We’re a trio rock band, formed in the fall 2009, and have been active around live clubs in the Hongdae area. Telefly aims to create psychedelic rock and recently released the debut album Ultimate Psychedelic.

Your songs draw influences from several directions – could you please share some more about it?
The root is in blues rock and psychedelic. We tried to express various psychedelic rock music, throwing in blues and house rhythm in each song.

What are the similarities and differences between last year’s EP and the new album Ultimate Psychedelic?
First off, there’s been a change in band members. Since the foundation of the band in 2009, there’s been three member changes so self-produced EPs are slightly different; the players, the recording environment…

For this album, we’ve been strengthening our teamwork for over a year, and things we wished to express through music have been more certain thanks to the producer, new songs, recording methods, arrangements, etc.

Rumor has it that Telefly is a super awesome live band. How does that energy from stage transfer to record?
Hahaha…. ‘super awesome’ existed in the arrangement and recording. We tried to find the right arrangement for the song through several demo recordings so that we could find the way to convey the feeling. For the actual recording, we did it in one-take like we do in a show, and then we overdubbed necessary tracks. I think such method worked out well to express the feel of the music.

텔레플라이 (Telefly) 1집 - Ultimate Psychedelic Can’t judge the recordings in relation to their live shows myself, but I’ve been listening through Ultimate Psychedelic a number of times. Although blues rock isn’t usually a favorite of mine Telefly do sound great on record, sometimes (especially in Butterfly) reminding me a bit of The Plastic Day.

Three tracks from the album can be sampled through Electric Muse’s SoundCloud:

2. My Blues:

4. Butterfly:

5. God of Disco:

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