Random upcoming releases

Following the list of upcoming Pastel releases from yesterday, here are other upcoming releases.

The guests of last Sunday’s Indie Afternoon offered news on some albums in the work:
– A second album from TV Yellow should be happening.
– A solo project from Kim Sehwang of N.EX.T is planned to come out around June.

Artists blogs too are a good source for information of this kind:
Eniac has a new EP on the way with electronic pop, modern rock and a bit of an acoustic sound.
– In the Bobbyville interview with Bobby Chung he said there might be a couple of songs released digitally late last year, but now it seems we’ll be getting even more Korean country music as there have been recordings for a Bobbyville mini album.

However the best source for this kind of information nowadays is no doubt Twitter:
– If we’re to trust this screen picture from Fluxus W&Whale will participate on the Deulgukhwa remake album, performing 사랑한후에.
No Brain must have a sixth full length album on the way, likely called High Tension, as they are holding 6th album release show on April 23.
Dear Cloud have started recordings for a third full length album. It may be released this spring .
Huckleberry Finn already released one song from the upcoming fifth full length album on last year’s live album, but it may be comforting to know that they’re still working on more songs.
– Because of Dringe Augh‘s very busy schedule recordings for his next release have not been going as fast as planned, but preparations for a full length album likely called between the tygh have come far with the tracklist already published. Hopefully it can be released in May
Stoneage Record promises something new from Cosmos before long.
Chang Kiha & The Faces have a second full length coming up.

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