Live CD & DVD set from Huckleberry Finn

허클베리 핀 (Huckleberry Finn) - Huckleberry Finn Live
Esteemed modern rock act Huckleberry Finn will release a live CD+DVD set on September 8. The CD goes by 6 Years of Live History and contains material recorded from 2004-2009, including upcoming 5th album song 빗소리. In addition to the band itself, members from Galaxy Express (I Know), Guckkasten, Kingston Rudieska, The Moonshiners and Seoul Electric Band (사막) are all participating.

The CD comes accompanied by a 2009 Yellow Concert DVD. While likely not the videos on the DVD, the clips below from the same event, uploaded by YouTube user uhuh70, should provide some insight as to what can be expected from it:
1. 환상환멸 (with Guckkasten’s Ha Hyun Woo)
2. 밤이 걸어간다 (with Guckkasten’s Ha Hyun Woo)
3. 그들이 온다 (with half of Kingston Rudieska)
4. 휘파람 (with half of Kingston Rudieska)
5. 낯선 두형제 (with Park Jong Hyun from Galaxy Express)

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