Seoulsonic in New York

Seoulsonic (teaser poster)
March 24 is about to begin in eastern US and that marks the date when the 2K11 Seoulsonic bands first take on the stage in New York. BeaconPass has been plugging the event: SEOULSONIC Presents Vidulgi Ooyoo, Galaxy Express, Idiotape, Big Phony, Kite Operations. For those that cannot go to The Knitting Factory themselves, Livestream will be live streaming it all.

As announced previously, Galaxy Express, Idiotape and Vidulgi OoyoO will all also play the Han Benefit Concert : Rock to Fight Hunger in North Korea on March 25.

And on March 26 New Yorkers are treated to another chance to see Idiotape in action as they play The Circle NYC. The doors open at 10pm, though technically Idiotape won’t be playing till March 27 as they’re not supposed to start their concert until 2:30am.

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  1. Kaz

    I hope they re-broadcast the live later (it seems like they save most of their streams) because I’m going to be out all night! And I want to see the bands I missed in TO~ =P And Kite Operations! I am so proud of the attention these bands have been getting in America.


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