Army’s mp3s and Electric Muse news

아미 (Army) - Dora
New Electric Muse act Army had its debut EP, Dora, released on June 10. The people over at music blog Milk Milk Lemonade have had a listen and also offer an mp3 of the EP’s first track, Wild Horses: Army: Dora EP.

Although Army’s western blues-rock, as MML classified it, is not really my kind of music I must admit that the EP’s final track, Minefield, has grown on me considerably since I first heard it (a much appreciated token for Christmas, handed to me by Electric Music). There are brief samples of that one as well as every other song on the release over at Hyang, or you can listen to it via where Girl In My Pocket is available as a free download.

In further Electric Muse related news, the label has plenty of interesting releases planned for this year. Personally I’m extremely happy that Kim Mingyu convinced Sunkyeol to release something through Electric Muse. Light and Noise as well as another new Electric Muse act, Bihang Girl (that if I’m not mistaken is reviving some Korean 70s music), too are scheduled to make their debut releases. Atombook on the other hand will return with a second album whereas singer/songwriter Dringe Augh – that has done the recordings at home this time – will release his second EP. Atombook won’t just have a new album out – the first album should be released in Japan this October!

Also, Chinese fans of shoegazers Vidulgi OoyoO have reason to rejoice as the fantastic live band will stop by six Chinese cities for a total of seven shows in August.

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  1. Anonymous

    Not sure which translation service is being used… but please use our original words to express how much we dig this band. This English-Korean-English translation does nothing for anyone. See the original MML post to understand what we really meant – thank you! :)

    — Milk Milk Lemonade

  2. helikoppter

    @MML Very sorry about the late response! It may just be the English being a second language thing for me that make something seem weird, but I can assure you that there’s no Korean involved in any strange translation sequence there. If I grabbed the genre bit too much out of context then I apologize, but I couldn’t come up with any better description myself and thought it pretty suitable.

    @janet A big yay for Sunkyeol! Got a “prototype” of the CD today (very happy here. actually I overslept and was home for the delivery – otherwise I would’ve had to wait several days more to hear it) and it’s that collection of old demo songs (including the beyond amazing “I’ll Write When I’m There”) announced previously. Just four songs but it’s really, really nice ^^


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