March releases

March was an unusual month for me, something that has been reflected in the updates here. Hopefully I’ll have a little more time for updates soon so as a first step in the right direction, here’s a bunch of March releases left without a proper mention on the blog until now:

March 4:
고고스타 (GoGo Star) - 성난 인형극세렝게티 (Serengeti) - Jam Bo Ree
Disco rock band GoGo Star has released its second single – 성난 인형극. It offers three new songs, and a music video has been recorded for the title track.

The re-worked songs on afro soul funk band Serengeti‘s digital single Hello, Bye… have been released on a CD going by the title of Jam Bo Ree. Alongside the two original tracks, the CD also offers studio live recordings of 꿈속의 Africa and 코끼리 from second album Oasis and Afro Afro, Come On and Wimbo from first album Afro Afro.

March 9:
뉴욕 물고기 (NY 물고기) - 진실의 숲 - Forest Of Truth
New York Fish, the vocalist of latin jazz band Cobana has followed his 2007 solo debut Fish, Out From Water with a second full length album called Forest of Truth. Janet previously posted a link to the music video for album main track Love Again

March 15:
에고트립 (Ego Trip) - 봄, 밤스윗 리벤지 (Sweet Revenge) - Refresh
Ego trip – “Lee Sang Hyub‘s trial project” – has released a CD single called 봄, 밤. From what I’ve gathered, this Lee Sang Hyub took part in the 9th Yoo Jae Ha singer-songwriter competition back in 1997. If the album info is to be trusted, the two songs on the single go in the style of acoustic modern rock and folk with a touch of electronica.

All female pop/rock band Sweet Revenge has put out their second EP, Refresh. Just like last year’s debut Blow Out the new CD has been self-released. Hyang Music offers a brief sample for main track Real One.

March 16:
홀로그램파티 (Hologram Party) - RE'AL'ST.ORY관자놀이 (관악자작곡놀이) - 야간활동이 음 (Yi Eum) - l i g h t

Super Kidd guitarist Johnny Kim and DJ DonG-Q have teamed up to form electronic DJ duo Hologram Party. Their first mini album is called RE’AL”ST.ORY.

I don’t really know what Gwan Ja Nol E is but the project appears responsible for a most interesting compilation called 야간활동. From modern rock and electronic pop to death metal and house advertises the album info. Check out a short video clip for 녹차 프라푸치노 from Flatshoes on YouTube or listen to samples from every song on MySpace.

Yi Eum‘s first single l i g h t offers a sweet electronic pop number called 연애편지, deemed a must listen by Janet. In spite of the title, the single’s other song, Take Me In An Acoustic Frame Of Mind, too appears to fall within the same genre.

March 18:
크림슈 (Creamchou) - Shining Love오필리아 - 당신의 환상을 동정하라
After releasing a self-titled digital single in March 2009, indie pop duo Creamchou has now released its first full length album, Shining Love. While the self-titled song from the single is nowhere to be found, other single track 샤워 is included on the album tracklist. To hear vocalist Miyou’s lovely voice, check out the title track music video.

Female fronted gothic metal/art rock band Opheila has released a CD called Sympathy with Your Fantasy. With a play time close to 80 minutes, it appears to be a narrative over thirteen months with each month getting a song of its own with. A video with samples of four songs from the album can be found on YouTube.

March 23:
첵원 (Chekone) - Happy Train
Allegedly the Jason Mraz of Korea, Chekone has released his first EP, the self-produced Happy Train. Once one member of punk trio Bad Boy’s Circle (where Shin Tai Kwon too started out), it appears he’s now doing a mix of funk and soul.

March 31:
지킬 (Jekyll) 3집 - Shining Heaven
Rock band Jekyll is back with third full length album Shining Heaven. I have yet to hear anything from their new album, but they tend to have great melodies that according to mrkwang fall within 80s style heavy metal.

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