Videophile: March 1-15, 2010

Hello again everyone! Hope you have been well.^^
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In order of appearance:

TV Yellow – Faster [MV]
From their first album, Strange Ears.

Amateur Amplifier – My Sweet Chocolate [home video]
A nice little song about delicious chocolate and different cities of the world.

DaishiDance – Planetarium [live clip]
He is finishing up a tour of release parties for his newest album, Spectacle. Performing alongside him was Oh Ji Eun among others.

Pink Elephant – Romantic Tutu [live perf.]
From their 1st EP, Mayday.

Outsider – Confined Person [MV]
I really enjoy this nerve-igniting music video. Outsider’s fanbase has flourished over the last few months thanks to this song, congrats to him. ^^  His rhythmic poetic lyricism over rich and beautiful music is hard to ignore. I am so happy to finally have his 2nd album. This song is on his new mini-album, 2.5 The Outsider.

Moonlight Nymph – 절룩거리네 [MV]*
As you may have noticed earlier on, this song made an appearance on the K-Indie music charts recently.
This song is from their 1st album, Infield Fly.

Magic Hat Parade feat. Kim Jong Jin – Simply Said [MV]
The video left a lasting impression on me. This song is on Magic Hat Parade’s first album, 마술모자퍼레이드.

Royal Pirates – Disappear [MV]
This band out of Fullerton, California started gaining recognition for their excellent rock K-Pop covers. They do however write their own music, and this is their first ever official MV! They are fantastic and still unsigned.

Epik High – Run [MV]
From their new album, Epilogue.

The Koxx – ACDC [live perf]
This eccentric band reminds me a bit of Hot Hot Heat, also included is their performance of Tori [live perf.]. I sadly do not have album information for this band.

NY Fish – Love Again [MV]
From his second album, Forest of Truth.

The Quiett – Be My Luv [MV]
I am pretty sure this is The Quiett’s first ever MV. From his 4th album, Quiet Storm: A Night Record. According to his blog, it was filmed in New York City.

EZ Hyung – Everything [live perf.]*
Yes, EZ Hyung released his new album this month,봄의 기적 티져 (which I was lucky enough to pick up)! ‘Everything‘ is from his 2nd album, Spectrum (picked that up too!^^). A teaser for 봄의 기적 티져 is included too [teaser]*. He performed live recently and his hair has grown quite long! Sadly I could not find any videos to post here of those performances.

Siberian Husky – 안녕, 레옹 [MV]
From their 2nd album, 네 번째 아이. Also included is their online album showcase which lets you briefly sample each track [showcase].

GogoBoys – 비가내리네 [live perf.]
This song is from their EP, Go Go Play Music.

Burning Hepburn performing at World Cup Opening Cermony in Seoul. [live perf.]

Taru – Kiss Kiss [live perf.]*
This sweet rendition of the original song by Matsuoka Hidaeki is available on the album, Hommage to Moonrise Pastelmusic Presents.

Vidulgi Ooyoo – 너의 눈으로 나를 본다 + Murmur’s Room [live perf.]
Yes, this shoegazing band is still active! These songs are from their first album, Aero.

Coin Classic – If U Smile [MV]*
As profiled by Luminosity earlier this month. Also included is Claire [MV]* Both songs are on their single, If U Smile.

Heum – JJ [MV]*
This nujazz band was also brought to attention by Luminosity. This song is on their first album 흠.

Apollo18 – Discharge [live perf.]
With dance performance by Eshe(always an enchanting combination). This song is from The Red Album.

Thanks and credits go to: Anna, MardiLuminosity, koreanpride2 and all other uploaders.

As ever, your comments and feedback are welcome.

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