Videophile: March 16-31, 2010

Hi again! Hope you’ve all been well. Sorry for the delay, busy week.
Here are the latest videos that closed up the month of March.
To listen to the playlist, just hit play and video hop back and forth using the arrows on the sides of the box.
Videos older than this month will have a * next to them.
Alright, enjoy!^^

In order of appearance:

Creamchou – Shining Love [MV]
From their first album Shining Love. Also included is a clip from earlier last year of Creamchou’s bassist doing different samples from their album while recording [clip]*. It gives you a nice feeling of the album.

Mate – Go [MV]
Mate gets back to their rock roots, the video is mostly clips of live performances. This song is on the mini-album With Mate.

Soran – Rockstar [live perf.]
Soran is a very new Korean indie rock band. More can be learned about them at their cyworld. They are quite cool and worth checking out.

Yi Eum – 연애편지 [MV]
This video is a must see/listen. This song is Yi Eum’s debut single.

Peppertones – Let’s Go To The Park [MV]
From their third album, Sounds Good!

Lemon Tree – 또 운다 [MV]
This song is on the 2 track single, Love Like Lemon Tree.

Hot Potato – Seesaw [part1] + [part 2]
This short film/MV drama is interesting even without subs. The song are from Hot Potato’s new album, Seesaw.

Delight – I’ll Be There [MV]*
Though this video was released a few months back, wasseries was kind enough to translate the wonderful lyrics. This song is on their first album, Hedgehog’s Dilemma. I can tell you it’s a great album and they are a great group!

Suniswall – I miss you, Mom [bedroom clip]
Another lovely intimate performance by Suniswall.

Supreme Team  feat. Sabi – Step Up [MV]
Those familiar with Simon Dominic will probably want to familiarize yourself with Supreme Team. This is a single off their first album, Supremier.

Deafening Street – Never Mind [live perf]
Love these guys! This song is on their first album, In The Deafening Street. Also included from the same performance is their cover of U2’s Ultra Violet [live perf.].

Siwa – 아 주 작게만 보이더라도 [live MV]
Also included is a live MV of 랄랄라 [live MV].You can learn more about Siwa here. Her songs are so sweet!

My Hairball – Daydream [MV]*
By reader inquiry and courtesy of icq4ever, I learned about this artist.
You can learn more about My Hairball here, again courtesy of icq4ever.

Lee Jang Hyuk + The Black Skirts – Karma Chameleon [live perf.]*
As a fun closer I thought I would include this cover of The Culture Club classic from Music Travel La La La.^^

Thanks and credits to: Anna, koreanpride2, deafeningstreet, wassereissub, recandplaynet and all other uploaders.

3 Comments Videophile: March 16-31, 2010

  1. Nina

    Oh my, I’m having a blast with these videos and discovering new bands! It’s been awhile since I listened to Korean indies. I really enjoyed Yi Eum, Delight, and Deafening Street. Thanks so much! ^^

  2. lei

    hi,am wondering if you knew where I could find the lyrics to this song
    또 운다 by Lemon Tree.
    or if you happen to have it,could you please send it to the email add below?thanks a million in advance!


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