Link roundup, week 16 + today

Another round of assorted links:

Shawn Despres had a talk with post-rock act Glittering Blackness, Fall before last weekend’s Lotus Carnival: Something Glittering At The Carnival

Dramabeans reports that electropop act BellaMafia vocalist Juni has been cast in new SBS drama I Am Legend (나는 전설이다): Juni added to I Am Legend

김윤아 3집 - 315360
K Bites has found a music video for Going Home from Jaurim vocalist Kim Yuna‘s 3rd full length album: Kim YoonAh ‘Going Home’ MV revealed. The album is called 315360 and it will be released tomorrow, April 27.

TIe(타 이) - 타이의 '연애(煙靄)
Thanks to a new profile at Luminostiy I learned that Tie has released a new digital single: [Profile] TIe. The single in question is called 타이의 ‘연애(煙靄)’ and has been out digitally since April 23. As usual when it comes to Tie, there’s a music video for the main track: 저 달이지면 (로미오와 줄리엣).

Apparently Mardi of Luminosity has also taken a liking to 10cm:
[Profile] 10cm
[100425] 10 cm live

향뮤직 샘플러 Vol. 7
Hyang Music released another of it’s fine samplers at the beginning of the month. The year’s edition is the 7th and to find out more about it I’d suggest a visit to Init_Music: Inbox: Sampler, Vol. 7

델리스파이스 (Delispice) 1집 - Delispice플라스틱 피플 1집 - Songbags Of The Plastic People롤러코스터 1집 - Roller Coaster
Other recent reviews at Init_Music include:
Replay: Deli Spice – Deli Spice
Inbox: Plastic People – Songbags of the Plastic People
Replay: Roller Coaster – Roller Coaster

크림슈 (Creamchou) - Shining Love전자양 1집 - Day Is Far Too Long프리키(Freaky) - Pearl골드러쉬 (Gold Rush) - Goldrush
인플라 워(In Flower) - Rina미스티 블루 (Misty Blue) - 4/4 Sentimental Painkiller - 겨울은 봄의 심장전국비둘기연합 - Empathy비둘기 우유 - Aero
After a month long hiatus, Chris Park is back with more reviews at wakesidevision:
크 림슈 (Creamchou) – Shining Love Review
Denci Hinji – Day is Far Too Long Review
Freaky – Pearl Review
골 드러쉬 (GoldRush) – Self-titled Review
In Flower – Rina Review
미 스티 블루 (Misty Blue) – 4/4 Sentimental Painkiller Review
National Pigeon Unity – Empathy Review
비둘기 우유 (Vidulgi OoyoO) – Aero Review

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