Sweet songs from LA based My Parasol

My Parasol - Spacetalk
A fun bonus when blogging about music is the artists/labels/promotion companies that send you all kinds of songs and information in hopes that it’ll encourage you to write about their music. However more often than not (I haven’t actually done any calculations on this, but I’d estimate at least 90%) the music has nothing whatsoever to do with Korea. So tonight I was pleasantly surprised not just to get a tweet from half Korean duo My Parasol but to find that their music was good enough for me to want to write something about it.

Not that I have much to say, really, but I’d like to encourage you to visit the official MySpace to have a listen to the sweet Sea Sun before heading over to Bandcamp to not just listen but also download electropop number Spacetalk and numerous remixes of the same (I can’t quite make up my mind which one is the better, but I’d recommend at least checking out the JDB and the Mighty Dax remixes). Should you feel like remixing Spacetalk yourself you can download the track stems too. Oh, and in the middle of that Spacetalk playlist is the demo for another charming song – Springtime – with just Susanna singing and playing the guitar.

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  1. leandra

    I’m moving to Korea in the fall and as an audiofile and someone who respects other cultures, I’ve been preparing for my immersion by looking for Korean music. My Parasol is Korean American, but hey…that’s a start, right?

    Thank you for this site! :)


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