Bugs Indie Music Chart w8

Catching up some more, here’s last week’s indie chart from Bugs:

Bugs Indie TOP10 – February 25, 2010
1, Mono Diary – 추억이라 부르는 이름의 노래 [MV]
2. China Monkey Brain – 제천대성
3. MaryJaneSuper-Showman [@ FF]
4. Analog Forest – 답답 (Dab Dab) [MV]
5. Hwang Eun Ji – 니가 떠나가긴 떠나갔구나
6. Cocoon BellsLove Love
7. SerengetiHello, Bye…
8. Dareedaa – 정원
9. YNot? – 파랑새 [@ Club Ta]
10. Dalmoon – 옥상달빛 [@ Club Bbang]

The new additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
14. Mono Diary – [Y] (feat. Ciel)
16. Lovelybut – 그대 목소리 (feat. Sammi)
18. Mono Diary – 사랑.. 지난이야기
68. CMJ – 사라지다
97. A’ccel In A Story – 낙인

See the full top 100 list here.

모노 다이어리(Mono Diary) - 추억이라 부르는 이름의 노래Male duo Mono Diary followed their 2007 single Mono Single Diary with EP 추억이라 부르는 이름의 노래 on February 19. The first three out of the five songs on the EP all made it to the chart this week.

 러블리벗(Lovelybut) - Lovelybut그대 목소리 from Lovelybut was first featured on the 사랑의 단상 Chapter 2 – This is not a Love Song compilation, and has now gotten re-released on Lovelybut’s first digital single. The self-titled three track release has been out since February 23.

씨엠제이(CMJ) - altAR / altER 1st SingleCMJ is short for Christ Messiah Jesus, and the liner notes seem to confirm that this is indeed some kind of CCM. Digital single altAR / altER 1st Single was released on February 18.

에이첼 인 어 스토리(A'ccel In A Story) - AntinomyAlongside the second Beyond compilation, participating band A’ccel In A Story had an EP, Antinomy, released on February 17. Unlike most other Sangsang Madang incubator bands, however, this rock band has had a few releases of its own before. Late 2006 EP Story Of The A’ccel was released, and in 2007 it was followed by digital single Episode Of The A’ccel.

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