More live reports from Korea

The Do Make Say Think show in Seoul two weeks ago has gotten a review at Canadian music site exclaim! with a mention of the very fine Korean shoegazer live act Vidulgi OoyoO: Do Make Say Think / Vidulgi Ooyoo / On Sparrow Hills.

If you care to read my thoughts on the same show, there’s that live report on Facebook.

update: Turns out Roboseyo was there too: Do Make Say Think in Seoul. He’s got a bunch of photos and videos to go with the text.

On Facebook is where I’ve also posted the last few live reports from this Korea visit:
Jeong Yeong Geun, Dringe Augh, Boktea & The Puppycats @ Salon Badabie (24/02/2010)
13Steps @ EBS Space + Every Single Day, Apollo 18 & YNot? @ Club Day (26/02/2010)
Goonamguayeoridingstella, Cocore & 3rd Line Butterfly @ Sangsang Madang (28/02/2010)

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