Bugs Indie Music Chart w7

Got a whole lot of catching up to do after the past couple of fantastic weeks. Since it’s Thursday today, let’s have a look at an indie chart from Bugs!

Bugs Indie TOP10 – February 18, 2010
1. China Monkey Brain – 제천대성
2. Hwang Eun Ji – 니가 떠나가긴 떠나갔구나
3. YNot? – 파랑새 [live @ Sangsang Madang]
4. Analog Forest – 답답 (Dab Dab) [MV]
5. Dareedaa – 정원
6. Cocoon BellsLove Love
7. SerengetiHello, Bye…
8. Dalmoon – 옥상달빛 [@ Club Bbang]
9. Lucid Fall – 고등어 [live @ Director’s Cut]
10. Zooropa YellowGotta Let’ Cha (feat. Outsider & LMNOP)

The new additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
30. MaryJaneSuper-Showman [live @ FF]
45. Analog Forest – Nobody Know
56. Analog Forest – Will You Dance…?
79. One Punch – 아직 나는 꿈을 꿔
82. Unique-ShadowChocolate Recipe (Voice By 메론씨)
93. Dareedaa – 별
99. Scar – 마음 속 환한 빛에 비치게

See the full top 100 list here.

아날로그 숲 (Analog Soop) - Delight in...Trio Analog Forest released first digital single Delight in… on February 11. With female vocals to a pop/rock sound supported by the use of synths, their sound reminisces that of Loveholic. All three songs from the single made it to the chart when released.

메리제인(MaryJane) - MaryJane 1stThe second Beyond compilation alongside EPs from some of the participating artists, there among MaryJane, were officially released on February 17. The girls rock band’s EP is called MaryJane 1st and the song that made it to the chart is featured on both the EP and the compilation.

원 펀치(One Punch) - 아직 나는 꿈을 꿔Formerly known as The Boxer, the band released its first single as One Punch, 너만의 라운드, mid-December. Both songs from that single were re-released on EP 아직 나는 꿈을 꿔 on February 10, together with all songs from The Boxer’s 해뜨는 오후 EP of early 2009. For an idea of what they sound like here’s a live performance of 돌아가자.

유니크-섀도우(Unique-Shadow) - Branch Project #4 [Pink]The 4th Branch Project from Casker inspired electronica act Unique-Shadow has the color Pink and has been out since February 10. This reminds me I never got around to posting on Branch Project #3 which was released on the same day as another digital single of the color White.

스카(Scar) - 마음속 환한 빛에 비치게If I’m reading the liner notes right, five member band Scar attempts to revive the rock sound of the 80s and 90s. February 10 they released two songs via digital single 마음속 환한 빛에 비치게.

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