What I listened to in 2009: Songs

Continuing where we left off yesterday, these are the songs that I – according to last.fm – listened to the most during 2009.

Most Listened Korean Tracks 2009

1. SunkyeolI’ll write when I’m there [MySpace (행인)]
South Korean MAP song of August, 2009.
According to last.fm, not just the song I listened to the most in 2009, but also the song I’ve listened to more than any other in the past 4.5 years. Needless to say I think it’s amazing. It’s one of those songs that will make me hit the repeat button whenever it comes up.

2. Tearliner – 너는 내게 (4) [Guide-1]
Originally planned for Coffee Prince, it never made it to the drama but remains a solid Tearliner favorite of mine. Do have a listen to the guide version, but know that there is an even more wonderful version recorded. I dare not even think of how wondrous it will be once re-recorded and officially released.

3. Dringe AughTutelar [mp3]
South Korean MAP song of July, 2009.
I had enjoyed listening to his demos, but hearing the perfection of this song as recorded with the delicate vocals of Sogyumo Acacia Band‘s Eunjie Song was something completely different. An altogether lovely arrangement.

4. The Plastic DayI Miss Me Myself [MySpace]
South Korean MAP song of June, 2009.
I can admit to being a bit skeptical of The Plastic Day when first listening to 30 Seconds Between The Dreamer And The Realist, but as I Miss Me Myself came up giving them a few chances more was inevitable. Great song, reminding me of other great music from my late teens.

5. Especially WhenClare (2)
One of my all time favorite songs. Written by the same brilliant mind that many years later would bring the world 행인. Also the reason why I got into Sunkyeol to begin with.

5. DonawhaleShiny Day [YT audio]
The best Donawhale song currently in existence. Details here.

5. Apollo 18Warm [MySpace]
South Korean MAP song of January, 2010.
An epic masterpiece, magnificent as nothing else. An incredibly strong display of the wonders of post-rock, rivaled by none. I soon listened too much to both to still hear the difference, but somehow the re-recorded version for Red+ is even better than the Warm that first instigated the repeated listens. Recently I had Warm in my ears when going on a train, lots of snow was falling while the wind had it dancing vividly around, it was all so stunningly beautiful I didn’t mind the extra hour it took to get to work.

8. Julia Hart – 한국 소녀의 겨울 [MySpace]
South Korean MAP song of October, 2009.
Really more like no. 2 this year as I’ve listened to the Japanese version almost as many times, but still. It was love at first listen as it didn’t take long for me to recognize that loving sound of Korean indie music that made me the music listener I am today.

8. Julia Hart – 돌아와 [MySpace]
A sweet song gifted with a chorus that sticks. The words are so simple even I can understand them without a dictionary, and the refrain so catchy I couldn’t help but actually sing it out loud (very unlike me) while walking (alone) through the noisy lab at work – several times a day for a couple of weeks…

10. Plastic People – 흑백사진
South Korean MAP song of September, 2009.
Although Snap contains a whole bunch of songs in various styles I could’ve ended up playing on repeat. Maybe because it was the last track of the album, 흑백사진 was the one.

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