Clazziquai and Jang Kiha nominated for MAMA

2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards
Apparently what was once known as MKMF now goes by the name of MAMA – Mnet Asian Music Awards. Although largely dedicated to kpop, there are a few names on the nominees list that ought to please some Indieful ROK readers: Clazziquai has been nominated for “Best Mixed Group” and also had their Love Again put them up for the “Best House & Electronic Music Award”. Further, Jang Kiha & The Faces will get to use 별일 없이 산다 to compete against Cherry Filter (피아니시모), Seo Taiji (Juliet), Boohwal (생각이나) and FT Island (바래) over the “Best Rock Music Award”.

Voting is already open, and even people overseas has the chance to vote, albeit for a separate award. The winners will be presented on November 21.

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