Tune Your Mind

튠 (Tune) - Tune Your Mind (MINI ALBUM)
Although not officially released until October 27, the first EP from No Reply member Jung Wook Jae’s solo project TUNE, called Tune Your Mind, has been available to fans since the first day of GMF, October 24. Not much for No Reply myself, I was positively surprised by TUNE’s (in my opinion) somewhat stronger sound and even returned to see more the next day (when he was also walking around the premises on what appeared to be some kind of garbage duty). Check out the music video for 아름다운것과 소멸되는 것, with English subtitles from wassereis. If you want to hear more, Happy Robot has brief samples of 내 함성 and 달려가잖아, whereas Hyang Music also offers a preview of 고래의 삶과 죽음.

More TUNE related translations from wassereis have been showing up at Wannabe-Translator recently. For instance here we learn that there’ll also be a music video for EP track Freedom eventually. And here we learn of Wook Jae’s pre-No Reply activities – Did you know that he released a digital single called Hurt Beating Fast with Etude in 2007? Or that he once was the guitarist in a band called F.O.R that released the EP 앞으로 일어날 모든 일 in 2005?

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