Hwantastic Friends and Whale

이승환 - 20th Anniversary Hwantstic Friends
Following two digital singles, the Hwantastic album was released on October 27. The full title reads 20th Anniversary Hwantastic Friends, and it celebrates 20 years as an artist for Lee Seung Hwan with a total of 10 re-recordings.

In addition to 심장병 as performed by Outsider & MC Sniper & Horan, and 덩크슛 as performed by Whale & 2PM‘s Jo Kwon and, the tracklist also includes (among others):
Clazziquai doing 세상에 뿌려진 사랑만큼
Yoo Hee Yeol & Nell‘s Kim Jong Wan doing 내가 바라는 나
Winterplay doing 텅 빈 마음
Windy City doing 크리스마스에는
– A joint effort from PIA, Yoon Do Hyun, Kim Jin Pyo and No Brain‘s Lee Sung Woo in taking on 붉은 낙타

A couple of related notes:
– Yoo Hee Yeol and Kim Jong Wan’s recording of 내가 바라는 나 is currently used in the promotion of new movie White Night (백야행). See music video here. (Thank you, Janet!)
– A couple of weeks ago, Jo Kwon & Whale’s take on 덩크슛 got a thorough review over at omgkpop: Jo-Kwon & Whale – Dunk Shot.

And since Whale has been mentioned twice already: wassereis has found and translated a cute piece where W talk about their first impression of Whale and vice versa: W&Whale Bae Young Joon “I thought Whale is an ajumma”.

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  1. janet

    no problem!
    I love so many of the artists mentioned. Needless to say Kim Jongwan, Clazziquai, Outsider and PIA…gah, it’s going to be a great album. (^v^)b


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