Weekend Reading

In order to keep you entertained over the weekend, here is a collection of interviews and other reading material of interest: After something of a hiatus 10asia have resumed its indie 10 series. This time with indie rock band Achime:– [INTERVIEW] Indie band achime – Part 1– [INTERVIEW] Indie band achime – Part 2 Another… Continue reading

Assorted Weekend Reading + a video interview

Some entertainment for the weekend: The new Taru album has gotten some attention from allkpop: Indie singer Taru releases second album, “100 Percent Reality”. Soompi too offers some more information on that one as well as a couple of other recent and upcoming releases:– Hongdae’s Goddess, Taru Releases Sophomore Album– Indie Band Dear Cloud Releases… Continue reading

More about Apollo 18’s US tour

During SXSW Mexico based site Bestfestivals took a chance to perform a video interview with Apollo 18: Apollo18 Interview SXSW 2011 A chance to see more of Apollo 18 from the US tour was offered today by allkpop: [Exclusive] Apollo 18’s U.S. Tour: Performances & Pictures More photos from SXSW are available from Smashing Mag:… Continue reading

Interviews from various sources

Today The Creator’s Project offered a new video interview with total art duo EE with plenty of clips from this year’s Coachella: Take A Ride On The Coachella Ferris Wheel With EE Yesterday 10Asia published a two part interview with lovely indie pop duo Autumn Vacation:– [INTERVIEW] Indie band Autumn Vacation – Part 1– [INTERVIEW]… Continue reading

Apollo 18 after SXSW

The members of Apollo 18 have been back in Korea already for a couple of weeks now, but memories from the band’s first US tour are still fresh. Kamala-Chan followed up her pre-tour interview with the band with another interview: K-RoK Interview: Apollo 18 – SXSW Follow-Up. Chris Park too followed up his pre-SXSW interview… Continue reading