K-Indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.06.17~2012.06.23

Barely had Busker Busker begun their exit from Gaon’s digital chart before they released their first album ‘closing’ mini album made an even bigger impact than the album before it. It debuted at the very top of Gaon’s album chart and the songs offered good competition to many other new releases on the digital track… Continue reading

Tete Releases Full-Length Album Featuring Han Hee Jung and Fromm

Former Telepathy bassist Tete announced that he would be releasing his first full-length album with the release of digital single Midnight Picnic in February. It was followed by digital single Emerald Sky beginning of June, and on June 22nd album Eclipse was released. The album includes both songs from the singles, “Midnight Picnic” in a… Continue reading

Heart Shake Release Music Video for Debut Album Lead Track

Shibuya-kei influenced group Heart Shake released their first, self-titled album on May 25th and a month later they’re ready to offer a music video for album lead track “거북이는 의외로 빨리 헤엄친다”. Lead by producer Nthony, the Heart Shake also has a guitarist and two female vocalists. They present themselves as a band creating “Soft,… Continue reading