Mimyo Releases New EP Floating Ones

On June 13th, electronic artist Mimyo released his first proper EP Floating Ones. It holds eight tracks total, including six new titles and two remixes. For opening track “The Way I Like to Picture You” on Mookou plays acoustic guitar. Big Baby Driver is featured on the song “Lost Words”, also available in a remix from byul.org, and actress Kkobbi Kim (of Breathless fame) can be heard on the track “Synth Pop”, also available in a remix from Eunchurn.

With a sound lingering somewhere in between ambient and IDM, the album info states that for this release Mimyo “constantly induces a result different from most of ‘down tempo’ IDM, with his persistent attempts in cautiously bringing in intellectual minimalism of electro-acoustic and in juxtaposing sound with other methods than delay.” The byul.org remix in particular comes recommended by The Creators Project.

Ahead of the release Mimyo offered a public invitation to participate in the music video for “Lost Words”, encouraging people to record themselves saying something they couldn’t say to anybody. The result was revealed at the beginning of the month:


The full EP can be sampled via SoundCloud:

Via: Mimyo

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