New Sweater album!

Finally, more than four years since the band’s 2.5, Sweater has returned with a full album! This one’s called Highlights and it was released May 29 on Lollipop Music. Earip revealed that it was on its way in an interview with Lunapark6 in 2006 so they must’ve been working on it for quite some time…. Continue reading

Digital single from Lilac Wine

New band Lilac Wine released a digital single called Bittersweet on Ruby Salon May 27. There’s a cellist and they’re making some sweet laidback jazzy tunes with vocals in English. Have a listen to the first track, Party, on the blog of Jelly Boy (who from what I can tell is responsible for the artwork).

New single from airbag

Former The Glam bassist Lee Jae Jin’s airbag‘s take on my old Cool favorite 작은 기다림 (featured on last year’s Ghost On Summer compilation – reviewed by me here) instantly made me something of a fan of this up and coming rock/pop punk band. Unfortunately their own releases so far have both been digital, and… Continue reading

Nico returns with a new album

Nico is back! This all too unknown modern folk pop duo released their second album, 중곡동 연가, yesterday. The album is also available in a limited edition, which for just a little extra money will get you their four years old first album, A Boy Behind The Curtain. Samples can be found at Hyang Music.