A couple of upcoming releases

Finally – some upcoming releases! Intriguing dreamy lo-fi act Starry-Eyed will release its second album, Sweet Night, on July 8. Providing a fair description of their music in text is a too difficult task for me, but orienkorean put the light title track off their first album, Lo-Fi Dancing Star, on YouTube in the beginning… Continue reading

Sad May

A couple of days ago, Singing with the Piano posted on a self titled digital single from new rock band Sad May, which was released on June 24. I have yet to hear them myself, but if I’m to judge this release by its cover (my favorite way of discovering new music during sales) I’d… Continue reading

3rd Line Butterfly’s Sung Ki Wan solo

Yesterday Sung Ki Wan, once a vocalist in notable band 3rd Line Butterfly, released his first solo album since 3rd Line Butterfly seemingly disappeared from the recording business. It is his second (the first was released in 1999, before 3rd Line Butterfly) and the title is 당신의 노래.

New releases June 19

The past Thursday offered some interesting releases in various genres: 20th Century Boy debuted with a self titled album on PeterPan Music. The album info says something about Modern Rock, but to somewhat increase their appeal I’d like to add that they also have some of that electronic stuff going on that people seem to… Continue reading