New releases June 19

20th Century Boy, I And I Djangdan, Monni
The past Thursday offered some interesting releases in various genres:

20th Century Boy debuted with a self titled album on PeterPan Music. The album info says something about Modern Rock, but to somewhat increase their appeal I’d like to add that they also have some of that electronic stuff going on that people seem to be so fond of nowadays. Samples for every track on the album are available at Hyang Music (ok, so that page says it was released June 20, but I began writing this after finding it at Oi…)

Dub and reggae act I&I DJangdan released its first EP, Culture Tree. Two very interesting full tracks and a Culture Tree sampler can be heard at MySpace. This five member band counts Kim Ban-Jang (of Windy City) and “Corean voice” Jang-Goon to its members.

Monni revealed that they still exist, releasing a single called monni: and,. The single contains rearranged versions of 눈물이 나 and 소나기 (a must hear for any k-indie listening Muse fan out there) from their 2005 debut One Day, Light as well as two new songs.

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