Interesting non-indie releases

new albums from jaurim, alex and transfixion
My upcoming releases post has now turned into a memorandum of albums released two weeks ago, but I’m posting anyway in case any of you missed any of them… These are just the “major” ones, so to speak. I’ll return with an updated indie list before the end of the weekend.

On June 9, Jaurim returned with their 7th full album. The title is Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and according to YesAsia it has been inspired by movies such as Rocky Horror Picture Show and Memories of Matsuko. Intriguing!

On June 11, Clazziquai Project‘s Alex released his first solo album. The title is My Vintage Romance and from the comments I’ve seen it seems like he’s focusing on ballads. A couple of interesting names can be found on the tracklist: Thomas Cook (of My Aunt Mary) and Whale (think W/Where The Story Ends). Also the last song, 화분, is a Loveholic cover.

On June 12, Transfixion put out their third full album. The title is Revolution and in addition to a whole bunch of new songs it also features three songs from last year’s Get Show EP in new versions.

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