A couple of upcoming releases

Starry-Eyed - Sweet NightGumx - Old
Finally – some upcoming releases!

Intriguing dreamy lo-fi act Starry-Eyed will release its second album, Sweet Night, on July 8. Providing a fair description of their music in text is a too difficult task for me, but orienkorean put the light title track off their first album, Lo-Fi Dancing Star, on YouTube in the beginning of this year if you want to get an idea.

Pop punkers GumX have been on a hiatus due to military service but since last summer they are back together and their third full album, Old, will be released on July 17. Their second album, Green Freakzilla was released in an English version after a year and it seems their international aspirations remain intact. Here’s an article from May
in The Japan Times: South Korean punk band Gumx regroups after military service

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