KMA2016: Sangha’s Predictions

Thanks again to Anna for inviting me to be part of the prediction posts this year yet again! I failed miserably to keep up with Korean music in 2015, but I’m still going to go ahead and hope that I get at least a few right this time. So here are my predictions, along with my personal picks!

Album of the Year

Six nominations! Unfortunately I did not have a chance to listen to Black Medicine and Method. Not quite my cup of tea. This is such a varied list, you got some metal, some hip-hop, some classic rock’n’roll, and a bit of folk as well. I for sure thought Trampauline would make the list with Marginal, but oh well.

Personal Pick: Although I adored Kim Sa Wol’s Suzanne to bits, I’m gonna have to go with E SensThe Anecdote. It’s my album of the Year.

Prediction: This is a tough one. I feel like with the buzz and the critical acclaim it’s been getting, The Anecdote will take home the award. But Deepflow’s Yanghwa has also been getting a ton of praise across the board, so I think it has a really good chance at it, too. I’m still gonna go with The Anecdote though. I wonder who’s going to receive the award if he does win it.

Song of the Year

It makes me sad to see JYP’s “Who’s Your Mama” on this list. I hated that song.

Personal Pick: Deepflow’s “작두”! My favourite rap track of the Year. (Although I really only listened to maybe 4 rap albums in 2015…) Such a solid track, with phenomenal performances from Deepflow, Nucksal, and Huckleberry P. Nucksal in particular is amazing on this song!

Prediction: I swear to god I might hurl something at the wall if JYP wins with his godawful excuse of a song. I think it comes down to Deepflow or Hyukoh. Considering all the hype, I think Hyukoh most likely will win.

Artist of the Year

Personal Pick: Deepflow, he really outdid himself with Yanghwa.

Prediction: Hyukoh. It really was their year.

Rookie of the Year

Personal Pick: I can’t choose! I loved all the artists on here I’ve listened to. I think I enjoyed Gongjoong Doduk’s self-titled release the most out of everyone here though, I had that album on repeat for weeks.

Prediction: Hyukoh might be the obvious choice but KMAs’ Rookie award always seemed to favor the lesser-knowns. I think I will go with Flash Flood Darlings because he’s been everyone’s favorite underdog this year.


Best Heaviness Album

Well, this is new. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this genre really isn’t my cup of tea, and I didn’t listen to any of the albums on this list…

Prediction: Method – Abstract


Best Rock Album

Unfortunately did not have a chance to listen to anything from Billy Carter yet.

Personal Pick: This is hard but I’m gonna have to go with Life and Time’s Land. They keep releasing really solid albums and I’m glad to see them nominated for Land. Yi Sung Yol’s SYX was good too, but I don’t think it lived up to the extremely high standards set by its predecessor, V.

Prediction: The Monotones with Into the Night. Great album, and it’s also on that album of the Year list.

Best Rock Song

Personal Pick: Eastern Sidekick’s “Digger” rocked so hard, oh man.

Prediction: This is really hard! So I’m gonna go with The Monotones with “Into the Night”.


Best Modern Rock Album

Sad to see Parasol missing from these nominations, I loved their album.

Personal Pick: I enjoyed all albums on this list but I loved Gongjoong Doduk’s album a little more than the others.

Prediction: Oh man I’m totally guessing here, all albums are pretty solid. I think it might be between The Koxx and Gongjoong Doduk. I’m gonna go with The Koxx.

Best Modern Rock Song

Personal Pick: Faulo City’s song was amazing, happy to see it made the list!

Prediction: Hyukoh’s “Comes and Goes”.


Best Folk Album

Personal Pick & Prediction: Kim Sawol! Kim Sawol! Kim Sawol!

Best Folk Song

Personal Pick & Prediction: Kim Sawol! Kim Sawol! Kim Sawol! (Although I liked “접속” off the album more than “Bedside,” if I’m being 100% honest.)


Best Pop Album

Personal Pick: Yeeees Wonder Girls. I didn’t really like any of their previous releases but this album completely won me over. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the IU album but still good to see her here.

Prediction: Ravie Nuage’s 청춘.

Best Pop Song

Personal Pick: Although I didn’t like IU’s CHAT-SHIRE as much, I still adored “23.” So I’m gonna say “23.”

Prediction: Seeing how the gorilla… I mean, JYP is nominated with that song in the Best song category, he will probably end up winning it. Although I hate that the song even was nominated for anything.


Best Dance & Electronic Album

Yes, yes, yes, loved every album on this list! I wish Flash Flood Darling’s Vorab and Tesoro also made the list though, it was such a solid album.

Personal Pick: Love is 4 walls! f(x)’s 4 Walls was the comeback album that they deserved, the comeback album I’ve been waiting for. Absolutely adored We Are the Night’s album as well.

Prediction: What if they actually give it to Young, Gifted & Wack’s label compilation 3 Little Wacks? That would be fun. I would love that, actually.

Best Dance & Electronic Song

Personal Pick: “4 Walls” all the way. My song of the Year. Flash Flood Darling’s “Byeol” is also lovely.

Prediction: I think my girls actually has a very good chance at winning here. f(x) with “4 Walls”.


Best Rap & Hip-Hop Album

I said I stayed away from hip-hop this year but I still listened to all the albums on this list except for Wavisabiroom, haha.

Personal Pick: E Sens, but P-Type and Deepflow’s albums were both phenomenal, too.

Prediction: Deepflow with Yanghwa.

Best Rap & Hip-Hop Song

Personal Pick & Prediction: Deepflow’s “작두.”


Best R&B & Soul Album

Personal Pick: I’m wondering if Mayson the Soul’s Photographer can be considered R&B or soul? Nonetheless, I really liked that album.

Prediction: I’ve only heard very little from Boni and Samuel Seo but they’ve been all the buzz in town, apparently. Boni? I hope she wins.

Best R&B & Soul Song

Personal Pick: Dean’s “Pour Up” is the only song on this list that I thought was memorable.

Prediction: I think Zion.T and Crush might take the cake here, although I thought the song was boring as hell.


Best Jazz Album

Prediction: Since I didn’t listen to any of the albums on this list I’m gonna completely guess and say BG Salon.

Best Crossover Album

Prediction: Again, didn’t listen to anything on this list, but seeing how Park Je Chun is nominated for an Artist of the Year, maybe he will win in this category?

Best Jazz & Crossover Performance

Prediction: Kim Oki!

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