KMA2016: Netizens’ Choice Award Winners

While the winners of the Korean Music Awards are primarily selected by panels of music experts, since 2008 netizens have also been invited to select their favorites for various Netizens’ Choice Awards. Since 2010 all artists nominated for any of the total or genre awards also compete for one of the Group, Male Artist, or Female Artist Netizens’ Choice Awards.


This year the Netizens’ Choice vote was hosted by Bugs Music. It was originally scheduled to take place February 3-21 with votes placed either via Bugs or Facebook accounts. However, due to fraudulent votesallegedly cast by Wonder Girls fans–all the original votes were reset. The netizens vote re-opened on Monday, February 15th, and closed at midnight a week later, Monday February 22nd.

At 10am KST, February 23rd, the results for this year’s KMA Netizens’ Choice Award were announced.

Netizens’ Choice: Group


From 38 contestants, beating two other idol groups, YG Entertainment’s biggest boy band BIGBANG took home the netizens’ vote for Artist of the Year at the 13th Korean Music Awards. Additionally, BIGBANG’s “Bae Bae” is nominated for Song of the Year and Best Rap & Hip Hop Song while “Loser” is nominated for Best Pop Song.

Top 5

  1. BIGBANG [5321 votes]
  2. f(x) [4224 votes]
  3. Wonder Girls [2072 votes]
  4. Hyukoh [601 votes]
  5. Zion.T & Crush [252 votes]

13,284 people voted for the group award.

Netizens’ Choice: Male Artist

Winner: JYP

From 22 contestants JYP Entertainment founder JYP took home the netizens’ vote for best male artist. JYP’s “Who’s Your Mama? (어머님이 누구니)” is nominated for Song o the Year and Best Pop Song at the 13th Korean Music Awards.

Top 5

  1. JYP [1425 votes]
  2. Dean [1362 votes]
  3. Yi Sung Yol [784 votes]
  4. E Sens [676 votes]
  5. G.Soul [600 votes]

6,295 people voted for the male artist award.

Netizens’ Choice: Female Artist

Winner: IU

From 10 contestants, popular singer-songwriter IU won the netizens’ vote for best female artist. IU’s CHAT-SHIRE is nominated for Best Pop Album and her “Twenty-three (스물셋)” is nominated for Best Pop Song.

Top 5

  1. IU [3654 votes]
  2. OOHYO [1035 votes]
  3. Sunwoo Jung-A [895 votes]
  4. Kim Sawol [579 votes]
  5. Fromm [363 votes]

6,963 people voted for the female artist award.

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