Mini-Interview with Hippie Death Star

There is a special place in my heart reserved for The Plastic Day. The 2009 full-length 30 Seconds Between The Dreamer And The Realist is perhaps the album I’ve bought the most copies of in the hopes of converting friends of mine to fans; and the joint The Plastic Day and Apollo 18 show on May 1st 2010 remains the very best show I’ve ever seen.

Shortly after that show The Plastic Day leader Shin Sunho relocated to Australia. Nowadays he goes by the name Green and has a new band, called Hippie Death Star. With the sound of Hippie Death Star described as “psychedelic groove” I got very curious and reached out for an interview. Green answered promptly, although embarrassingly enough it took me a couple of weeks to notice…


How did you meet the members of Hippie Death Star?

After I decided to play music again, I found Jay (bass player). After Jay we found Matt (guitar). After Matt we found Tobia (drums).

How do the songs of Hippie Death Star compare to what we’ve previously heard from you while in The Plastic Day?

It’s hard to compare for me coz I’m involved in 2 bands. And it’s easy to say something myself, coz I’m a song writer. But it’s better not to tell people. People can compare whatever feelings they get.

One thing I’m sure of. Both bands are not following the mainstream, or pretending to be independent musicians. We are just musicians. Not wankers.

Have you been active in any other bands since moving to Australia?

No… My lifetime clock is too fast, for me. And I’m still having a hard time. It’s my first band since I left South Korea. I know it’s been a long time, but finally I’m back to my life.

Does Hippie Death Star have any plans to release anything any time soon?

Don’t know and have no plans at all.

I wish I can live at a little farm. Near a mountain, or beaches. With cats, and dogs. Plant veggies. In my garage I’ll play music, painting. Stuff like that… That’s my plan and at the same time my wish. I just want a quiet life.

But, I just started something. Need to do something first. So, make an album. Before I give up everything. I don’t know. No plans. At all next year or the year after.


Hippie Death Star is currently concluding the Psychedelic Flowers South Korea tour, having already covered several of the best venues around Hongdae. The final gig takes place at Strange Fruit tonight, December 27th. Another interview and more info can be found over at Korea Gig Guide.

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